Monday, June 26, 2006

On My Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train

I have been very busy with my arts and literature.

I am the curator of an Art exhibition "Colours of Summer" to be held on Bonny Island in July. Also next month,I am releasing my cosmopolitan collection of poems, "Scarlet Tears of London". And all my efforts are meant to raise funds to make my first movie "Naked Beauty". If I raise enough funds, I will make it a feature. "Naked Beauty" is a love story to be produced as an intellectual Art film.

I need serious executive producers. And I have already given the screenplay to my friend Veronique Pierre to examine it. She is a genius. All brains and beauty and sexy too.

Linda Ikeji launched her Fashion, Modeling and Beauty (FM&B) magazine last night at the prestigious Golden Gate in Nigeria and I am very happy for her. And guess what?
I just love this dazzling Nigerian hottie Queen Ebong
who is the most determined black teenager in the virtual world with over four blogs, a growing forum and an active poster on the most popular African forum Nairaland. And she is about to launch her own commercial online magazine.

Lest I forget, Justin Timberlake just dumped... his "clingy" sugar mummy Cameron Diaz. I suspect that he is bored of her punani. And I suspect that her punani is now sour. Yeah! Even sex can be boring. Especially "sexing" the same punani that has seen better and worse days making rounds in Hollywood. And those Hollywood hunks are bad fuckers.

May God have mercy on us.