Thursday, December 29, 2005

Maria Carey Is The Musical Miracle of The Year!

Combination photo shows Mariah Carey and 50 Cent. Carey, enjoying one of the music industry's biggest comebacks, is giving rap star 50 Cent a run for his money in a year-end, down-to-the-wire race for the best selling U.S. album of 2005. REUTERS/Files

Maria Carey was the first personality I featured on my Orikinla O's Blog when she just released "The Emancipation of Mimi" and it was just like "Let us just wait and see" if this new album will rescue Maria Carey from going downhill in her fairy tale career in Pop music. And guess what?

Maria Carey is back!

She is not only back, but she is making history as the biggest comeback in the music industry. "Mimi" has garnered eight Grammy Award nominations with the CD's first single, "We Belong Together" being nominated for album of the year and record of the year. "We Belong Together" ruled the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for 14 weeks, longer than any other song this year. And just last week, "Don't Forget About Us" the first single from the recent "Mimi" reissue, climbed to the top rung of the singles chart to move Carey a step closer to the Beatles' all-time record of 20 No. 1 hits. She is now tied with Elvis Presley at No. 2 on the all-time Hot 100 list with 17 chart-topping singles.

Mariah Carey is giving rap star 50 Cent a run in down-to-the-wire race for best-selling U.S. album of 2005.

As of Christmas Day, 50 Cent stood at No. 1 in the United States with 4.8 million copies of sophomore album "The Massacre" sold since March, according to the latest figures

Maria Carey is closing in rapidly on the rapper with her latest Grammy-nominated collection, "The Emancipation of Mimi" which has tallied sales of 4.6 million since its release in April, Nielsen SoundScan reported.

I am very happy for Maria Carey! And her turn-around is an inspiration to millions of others in the world who think they are going down hill and they are ignorant of how their faith can turn them around and put them back on track on the roller coaster of success and stardom as Maria Carey is on top of the world now!

Don't give up! And you will make it!

Let the Musical Miracle of Maria Carey inspire you as we celebrate with her and as we look forward to a beautiful and wonderful New Year 2006!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What If President George Bush Is Gay?


Are they not a queer couple?
Is that not a "gayish" hand-in-hand romance between President George W.Bush of America and President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria?
They could be secret lovers?!

I am suspicious of the rapport between these two ex-soldiers who are now presidents of their countries.

It is not impossible for them to be gay?

But how does it feel to be gay?
I mean can you gays tell me what you enjoy in poking your anus?
And sucking the same dick?

What if good old George Bush is gay?
What will America do?

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Scarlett Johansson and the Forbidden Laws of Hollywood.

Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett together in Rome
But for how long?

Looks like Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend, Josh Hartnett, went out directly after the Rome premiere of Match Point. Either that, or she wore the same dress and coat twice, which, as you know, in Hollywood, is mortal sin.

In fact, I think
"Thou Shalt Not Wear the Same Outfit Twice" comes right after
"Thou Shalt Have an Eating Disorder."
Or was it after "Thou Shalt Not Stay Married for More Than Four Years, Tops?"

Johannson and Hartnett recently moved in together, but how long that lasts is anyone's guess, including Scarlett's. According to Contact Music, monogamy is not one her strong suits, and she is quoted as saying:
I don't think human beings are monogamous by nature. It's difficult - you have to put a lot of effort into a relationship. I think it's hard for actors to date each other because they are so damn moody. You are away from people constantly and having a relationship that is strictly by phone, it is miserable.
I give it, three to six months. Either that, or until one of them has a new movie, and Scarlett Johansson's cleavage isn't quite doing the publicity job it should, forcing a last minute publicist-induced break-up.

Friday, December 23, 2005


BoggyWoggy is very glad and grateful to the Almighty God for all the visitors who have been coming here in thousands so far from BlogExplosion, BlogAdvance, BlogClicker and all my link-partners in progress worldwide. And thanks to Daily Kos for sending more visitors to BoggyWoggy. And also, I appreciate all the Jive Turkeys and those sirens with hysterics of sexual dysfunction who were rattled by BoggyWoggy. It was all fun!
Including the pagan bitches who say they don't believe there is anything holy about the Holy Bible. They really behaved exactly as they tagged themselves "bitches" and "Fuck Spam" or do you mean "Fuck Sperm". I love you all.

Those who know me have seen my picture online and I am proud of my six footer plus frame and athletic body with starry brown eyes, skin head and tanned skin. Now you wonder why High School girls, College girls and even old women want to experience the difference in my romance? I am blessed by the Almighty God.

It has been a good year and seven awesome months of blogging. My referrals made some people richer and I helped to make a Nigerian site Busy Bisi Books the most visited African writer's site with over 50,000 visits in 30 days and more are still coming.

Please, come again! I love you all!
And God Jehovah who made it possible for me to be here loves you most.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The world famous Italian Designer Gianfranco Ferre has chosen the ever beautiful and wonderful Julia Roberts who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood and in the world as the New Face of Ferre.

Gianfranco Ferre seems to have fallen in love with Julia as his testimony of her unique qualities shows his great appreciation for the nursing mother of twins Hazel and Phinnaeus.
"My source of inspiration is modern-day reality, women who live in today's world. Yet there are some who better than others match my own purely personal ideal of femininity. In the now so multifaceted real m of glamour and allure, both as a woman and as a personality Julia Roberts in my eyes reflects a total affinity with this ideal of mine," Ferre told Fashion Wire Daily.

"What enchants me most are her presence and manner, her way of being energetic and calm at the same time and her naturally aristocratic self-possession," Ferre added.

"I love her smile; open, direct, inviting and at the same time captivatingly shy. And I adore her vitality, her natural ease, and her free spirit. Everything about her makes her the authentic Ferre woman."

Magazine ads featuring Roberts will run everywhere except the United States beginning in February, People magazine reported.

By tapping Roberts, Ferre has changed his strategy of using models to sell his wares.

Julia Roberts is the actress I love most since I have been watching movies. And I call her "Iya Ibeji" the Yoruba name for a mother of twins.

I have the best pictures of Julia Roberts in one collectionn that even the New York Times cannot boast of.

Two thumbs to you Julie Baby!

Monday, December 19, 2005

War of Words Against Gays.

Homosexuality has more strange bedfellows in the Western world than anywhere else on earth. And in Africa, homosexuality is seen as the worst abnormality of human depravity of the worst notoriety and monstrosity. There is nothing civilized about homosexuality. We regard it as bestial, uncivilized and even demonic and satanic. We regard gays as either the lunatic fringe or people possessed by demons. My gay friend told me not to say it in public. And other gays must not be accepted or tolerated and the rejection of gays has actually helped us to discourage and prevent more people from homosexuality. For the acceptance and tolerance of gays encourage gays to continue in their sexual perversions and also encourage others to become gays.

An open opposition to homosexuality is regarded as an open confrontation against gays in America. The acceptance and support for Gay Rights made the Americablog popular and is now the most popular Gay Rights blog in America.

But do Gays need Special Rights?
The Rights for what?
If they believe that they are justified, then they can go on with their chosen way of life without making it a public affair.

Gay Rights have only exposed them to more public ridicule, stigma and trauma. Because, their private lives have become public lives and it is wrong.
Like fornicators and adulterers asking for special rights to carry on with their lives.

I mean why should what you do in intimacy in your privacy be my business?
You want to fxxk? Fxxk!
Who ever you choose to fxxk is your fxxking business.
And be ready to roll in your fxxking mess.

But I will still say the truth that premarital sex or fornication is responsible for the uncountable cases of unwanted pregnancies and millions of abortions in the world

Homosexuality is not good for your health and gays suffer from untold psychological and physical persecutions, depression, dejection and rejection. And their burden of guilty makes them to take to drug abuse and other abuses.

Adultery has destroyed countless marriages and families leading to broken homes and causing increase in crimes as cheaters are in danger of being harmed or even killed by vengeful partners and their children suffer the grave consequences of broken marriages and broken homes.

I can tell you a million and one reasons why fornication, adultery and homosexuality and other negative High Risk behaviours are wrong and destroying the love, justice, peace, stability, security and unity in our society. And these reasons are enough to denounce and renounce such harmful perversions.

As you can see I am not preaching any holy writ? So, this is not a biblical point of view.It is a rational point of view. Let us call a spade a spade. What is bad is bad. Finis.

"There are those in the world who would replace freedom and democracy with gay marriages," Mr. Bush said in his speech from the White House. "This will not stand."
"It cannot be supported by scripture, it is against reason. It is against nature. So we in the global south stand against it," Archbishop Akinola said.

As one Anglican, Chimae Ikegwuru of Port Harcourt, put it: "Homosexuality is a Western thing. In Nigeria we don't condone it, we don't tolerate it."

In Nigeria, the criminal code bans acts "against the order of nature," and imposes sentences of up to 14 years for those convicted. In practice, gay men are often arrested and jailed until they can bribe their jailers to let them go. In areas of Nigeria that adhere to Islamic law, Shariah, the sentence for homosexual acts is death.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Everybody Wins a Prize!

In the spirit of the season, I am bringing you good news from my friend Father Dave who has a lot of goodies and freebies of over $30,000 to give away to everyone visiting BoggyWoggy. Enjoy.

Just read his e-mail on Marketing with Integrity.

I thought I'd launch the new site with the sort of competition
I loved when I was a kid, where everybody wins a prize

You will win one of over
$30,000 worth of prizes!

About the 'Marketing with Integrity' eCourse
You'll find a lot of Internet Marketing advice available on the NET. Some of it is good. Some of it is bad. Some of it is free. Some of it will cost you a lot.

And then there are ethical considerations! There are those of us who believe that there are more important things in life than making money, and that there is indeed no place for making money online, if it can't be done with integrity.

This is where the 'Marketing with Integrity' eCourse comes in. It's my attempt to give a helping hand to other people like me, who came into the online world without a clue, were dazzled by the bright lights and wonderful opportunities, but found themselves surrounded by dream merchants and scam artists.

After five years online, I've learnt to distinguish the wheat from the chaff (as it were). I've also managed to accomplish an enormous amount online, in terms of ministry, social justice work, and raising funds to carry on our offline work.

Moreover, I sleep well at night, as I believe that I have never accepted money online that has not been channelled towards a good cause, and because I have only ever sold or recommended products to others that I genuinely believed in myself, and that I thought would be of valuable service to others.

Are you interested in raising funds online, to support your church perhaps or to support your family? And are you interested only in doing business in a way that genuinely benefits others? I designed this course for you.

You can sign up here and if you change your mind about the course, you can withdraw at any time, confident that I will indeed leave you alone, and not continue to follow you up with endless sales letters.

I do believe that much good can be accomplished online, but we will need to band together if we are to avoid being overwhelmed by the culture of materialism and greed that is so dominant in online marketing. I invite you to partner me in trying to bring greater integrity into the virtual world.

Yours in the Good Fight,

Thursday, December 15, 2005

How alcohol affects your memory

I don't drink and I don't smoke and I don't do self-mutilations of my body and I want to share this short piece of advice with you.

How alcohol affects your memory

Before it hits you over the head with a hangover, too much booze produces temporary amnesia by interfering with the ability of the hippocampus to create memories. (This is also known as a "blackout.") The memories that aren't lost can be especially tough to recall—unless you start drinking again and your brain taps into something called "state-dependent" memory. "When you encode memories while in a specific state, like being drunk, you're more likely to remember them when you're again in that state," says Jonathan Schooler, Ph.D., an assistant professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. This may explain why Old School quotes start flying faster right around last call.

I posted this short piece for the benefit of the Masochist Drunks in the blogosphere.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Of Political Pundits, Blog Bandits and Political Paladins

Now, in reality, the world have paid too great a compliment to critics, and have imagined them to be men of much greater profundity then they really are.
- Henry Fielding

One of the best (and worse) things about blogging is it opens up a world of self-publishing potential to a lone poster with a computer, an internet connection and - hopefully - something to say.
-Simon Jeffery / World news


Majority of the over 21 million blogs did not blog about WTO Talks in Hong Kong, because most bloggers are clueless about the real issues of Free Trade.

The blogosphere is like the Wembley where the stadium is filled with soccer fans who make so much hue and cry over the match, but only few can actually play soccer.

Most bloggers are armchair-quarterbacks and they love to gossip about their closets and rant about "IMPEACH BUSH" and share tips on SEOs so that they can make more cents from their Google AdSense pay-by-click Ads. And to them ignorance is bliss.

C'mon, don't tell me you don't know that most of the bloggers are jokers.

Every blogger is a pundit or another copycat.

The Tsuanami Blogs, the Katrina Blogs, the Gay Rights Blog, etc.

And all fornicators and gays are the same sinners (including BoggyWoggy who loves topless babes.)

I have said it before and I repeat it again.

Why is it only the woman that is always caught in Adultery?
What of the man?
Did he escape?

If you are going to stone the woman, you must also stone the man.

The UNITED NATIONS is watching while they are still stoning harmless, helpless and powerless women to death in Pakistan and other countries, because they were caught in Adultery? And the men were not stoned and the UNITED NATIONS is gaping and moping like a ZOMBIE?


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


One Jason Cage has launched DIVORCE KEVIN.COM to break up the marriage of beautiful Britney Spears and her husband Kevin Federline. And I was very annoyed that I e-mailed Jason and told him that I am going to launch "BRITNEY DON'T DIVORCE KEVIN" campaign to counteract his anti-marriage campaign. And he replied to wish me luck. And guess what?

Britney and Kevin have already made up and they are not going to separate or divorce.

So, all the wicked people wishing for Britney and Kevin to break up can kiss my ass!
Sean Preston does not want Mommy and Daddy to divorce.
"Leave ma Mama and Papa alone, you dummies!"

Dear Mrs.Britney Federline,

When you fell in love with Kevin Federline and agreed to marry him, I was very happy for you. And I thank God for your three-month-old son Sean Preston.

If you don't want Sean to hate you forever, please don't divorce Kevin.
No matter his faults and foibles, your love can heal all your wounds.
Love heals all wounds.
Love conquers all.
Just believe and continue to love Kevin and your son Sean. And God will bless you more and more and help you to overcome all the trials of marriage. And you would be the happier person you always wanted to be.

Don't mind those so called fake fans shouting that you should divorce Kevin, because anyone wishing you to divorce Kevin does not wish you well.

You and Kevin can make this amrriage work and shame the devil and all his evil agents, those evil monsters with green eyes who are jealous of your success and they want your marriage to fail so that they can gossip and laugh at you.

I am praying for you always. That the Almighty God will protect you and Kevin and your cute baby Sean and preserve your marriage in love, peace and unity.

God bless you.

Yours faithfully,
Orikinla Osinachi.
Here is the good news:

She flew to Las Vegas to attend the Billboard Awards and Kevin followed her to the city.

She refused to talk to him and missed the ceremony and flew to her home town of Louisiana.

According to The Sun a source said: "I don't think she's upset with him because of something specific.

"She's overwhelmed with her new lifestyle - being a wife and a mother - and sometimes takes it out on the people she's closest to and who she knows will stick around."

The singer is now at home in Malibu, California, with Kevin and their baby. -

Saturday, December 10, 2005

George Michael: 'Princess Diana wanted me'

Gay Georgie says Lady Diana would have saved him from his present burden of guilt of being gay if she had not died. Because, she wanted to have an affair with him and he would have obliged.

Well, since Lady D is dead, any dummy can say anything about her and she would not be able to refute such lies.

Even BoggyWoggy can say he had a relationship with Lady D.
In fact, she was going to visit me in Nigeria after I sent her my picture. Because, she saw my starry brown eyes and fell in love at first sight.

When I saw the story I just read it as another boggywoggy story by another jive turkey. So, just read the story for the fun of it.
Late royal Diana, Princess Of Wales was obsessed with gay pop star George Michael and they almost had a relationship, the singer claims.

Michael alleges the troubled princess was "very attracted" to him - and the unlikely pair nearly got together just before her death in 1997.

He says, "There were certain things that happened that made it clear she was very attracted to me. There was no question.

"We nearly got together on that St Tropez boat trip. I was supposed to go on the boat and I'm quite glad I didn't, because it would have been so fresh when she died."

"We clicked in a way that was a little bit intangible.
Diana Spencer was nothing like as gifted as Judy Garland, nowhere near as sexy as Marilyn Monroe, but like those equally doomed young women, she had the power to touch us--that is to say, if one examines the response dispassionately, to make us feel sorry for her. She was a terribly mixed-up kid. We felt close to her (when we were not infuriated by her) because she represented in herself so many of the worries our own children are likely to foist upon us--disappointing school grades, anorexia and bulimia, unsuitable young men, a tendency to show off, a preoccupation with clothes and publicity, a rotten..."

"There's nothing left! Only a memory and a carrot!":The Complete Peanuts: 1950-1952

Peanuts and Gang.
I have produced the most widely circulated comic strips in Nigeria and the comics led me to my first big contract as a project artist for the Johns Hopkins University's Population Communication Services (JHU/PCS)in Nigeria. And I produced nine booklets of fully illustrated series on family planning methods in four local languages for use in all the family planning clinics in Nigeria. And growing up with "Peanuts" and other comics helped me to become a celebrated cartoonist in my teenage years in Nigeria. And at 20, my works were exhibited at the World Picture Book Fairs in far away Japan. I have to thank God for geniuses like Charles M. Schulz for the inspiration.
This book of the classic cartoons of the legendary Charles M. Schulz is one of the books you should give to your children. They will love it.

The Complete Peanuts: 1950-1952
by Charles M. Schulz
Good Ol' Charlie Brown
A Review by Chris Bolton

The Peanuts gang has literally been in my life forever. I've seen home movies of myself as a baby, playing with plastic toys of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Lucy long before I could have possibly understood who they were. I began ritually watching the holiday TV specials as a toddler, and I had a cherished Snoopy Sno-Cone Maker (and, briefly, a Snoopy electric toothbrush) in my early elementary school years. I spent entire weekend visits to my father's apartment reading his tattered mass market collections of vintage Peanuts comic strips, even as the newspapers carried current strips in which the art was sloppier and the punchlines notably sappier (that there was a three-decade gap between the strips in the books and the newspapers wasn't clear to me until I was a bit older).

Charles Schulz's creations were indelible. It wouldn't be overstating matters to say I grew up with them -- and, in time, grew out of them, as well. In my pre-teen years, Calvin and Hobbes caught my fancy, right around the same time I started to finally "get" Gary Larson's Far Side strips. As a teenager, I also became taken with Lynn Johnston's For Better or For Worse (the teenage son happened to be roughly the same age as me, which made his adolescent trials more compelling than Charlie Brown's forty-year-long unrequited crush on the little red-headed girl).

By that age, Charlie Brown felt like an anachronism. Schulz's deceptively simplistic drawing style and repetitive stories grew tiresome. Before long, Peanuts sat on a dusty shelf in the back of my mind, alongside other past-their-prime comic strips like Beetle Bailey, Mark Trail, Hagar the Horrible, and especially The Family Circus.

Thankfully, Fantagraphics Books has found a way to reinvigorate Peanuts -- by taking us back to the beginning. Their insanely ambitious Complete Peanuts series intends to bring out every single Peanuts strip Schulz ever drew, two books per year, for a projected total of twelve years. That's an incredible amount of work -- on Fantagraphics's end, yes, but it also highlights just how tireless Schulz was, especially considering he never used an assistant. Although I'll likely skip the later years (past 1980, let's say), the first four volumes do an excellent job of reminding those of us who forgot just how vital and hilarious Peanuts once was.

The first volume takes us from 1950, when Schulz sold his weekly strip "Li'l Folks" to United Feature Syndicate (which then retitled it "Peanuts," to Schulz's lifelong dismay), to 1952. If one can only afford a single volume in the series, this is the must-have. Here we see the very earliest renditions of good ol' Charlie Brown, as well as a supporting cast that will likely be alien to younger readers, including Violet, Patty (not Peppermint), and Shermy. Snoopy doesn't yet speak, or act like much more than an ordinary dog.

Charlie Brown himself, however, emerges almost fully formed. While he's a bit sharper-witted and more cynical than the perpetually defeated sad sack he would become, most of the unlucky boy's misfortune is in place, along with a few of his neuroses.

Devoted Peanuts fans may look upon the fourth volume (1955-1956) more fondly, as this is the point at which the strip begins to feel more like what it would eventually become -- albeit sharper, funnier, and still somewhat crueler. Snoopy utters his first words in this book (Schulz later turns his dialogue balloons into thought balloons, making Snoopy's voice a little more credible), which also introduces "Pig Pen" and gets the infant Linus on his feet and talking. And there's the added treat of another long-forgotten character Schulz ended up jettisoning: Charlotte Braun, whose name suggests a foil for Charlie Brown, although her only apparent personality trait is talking loudly (a quality that is ultimately folded, more fittingly, into Lucy's character).

The most astonishing aspect of these strips is the dark humor. While Schulz maintained a much-vaunted tone of sadness and longing throughout the strip's run, these books showcase the "causal cruelty and offhand humiliations" (to quote from Matt Groening) that kept the early years so sharp.

Take, for instance, the strip from Sunday, January 23, 1956, in which Charlie Brown futilely argues with the sun to stop melting his snowman. Standing over the slushy remnants of his creation, Charlie Brown laments, "There's nothing left! Only a memory and a carrot!" At which point Snoopy trots by, casually eats the carrot, and saunters off licking his lips, leading Charlie Brown to mutter, "Only a memory..."

Moments like these capture a poignancy that was missing from most of the day's other strips -- and isn't often found on modern comic pages, either. In addition, the earlier Peanuts had more of a playful, surreal streak, from Linus's square balloons to the September 27, 1956, strip in which a mortified Charlie Brown literally shrinks to half his size.

Four books into the series, The Complete Peanuts promises a dizzying array of delights for years to come; even if, like me, one chooses to eschew the post-'80s material, that still leaves eleven books to anticipate -- which means six more years of collecting. Compare Schulz's output to that of Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes, which ran for ten years (minus two hiatuses) and fills three large, heavy hardcovers in the just-released The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. While Watterson's collection will possibly necessitate some reinforcing of one's bookshelf, the completed Peanuts project will likely require an entire bookcase of its own.

Given the choice, I prefer Watterson's tireless imagination and exquisite, intricate artwork. There's much less of it, true, but Watterson wisely quit before repeating himself, whereas Schulz continued tangling Charlie Brown in a kite-eating tree and having Lucy yank away footballs for arguably fifteen or twenty years longer than necessary.

And yet, there's no denying that Calvin and Hobbes could not have existed without Peanuts (Watterson himself freely acknowledges the debt). Schulz pioneered the transition of comic strip children from cuddly moppets to complex, multi-dimensional people. Furthermore, one can easily see the impact of Snoopy's animal impersonations (eventually including his play-acting as a "World War I flying ace" piloting his house/plane into dogfights with the Red Baron) on both Calvin's flights of fancy (i.e. Spaceman Spiff) and on the very character of Hobbes, a talking tiger.

Regardless of the quality of these strips, the Fantagraphics editions are simply beautiful to behold. Every volume is lovingly designed (by the artist Seth) with evocative covers and page spreads, and each includes a foreword by the likes of Matt Groening, Jonathan Franzen, and Walter Cronkite, along with a biography of Schulz. Best of all, the comic strips are arrayed in a manner befitting Schulz's simple but effective layouts. Those old paperbacks of my father's arranged the strips vertically like building blocks, one daily strip per page, with the first two panels on top of the last two, throwing off the precise rhythm of a horizontal strip. Sunday strips were often truncated and awkwardly divided over several pages. Fantagraphics restores the correct layout, remaining true to Schulz's original intentions, and even includes the expendable single-panel gags that opened most Sunday strips (newspaper and book editors often excised these for more space).

The Complete Peanuts is more than a necessary archive of a strip whose historical importance to the medium can't be overestimated. The word "essential" is bandied about a little too often with regard to collected editions, but there's no exaggeration in stating that The Complete Peanuts is essential to everyone who appreciates the perfect marriage of word and image that makes the comic form so unique and precious.

The adult in you will appreciate the artistry of Schulz's work. The kid in you will love the beagle pretending to be a rhino. Both will be delighted by The Complete Peanuts.

Copyright © 1994-2005 · Terms of Use

Friday, December 09, 2005

SURMA:The Sexiest Girl On Earth


Surma is a native of the Surma tribe in Ethiopia.
Remember Ethiopia? The land of the celebrated biblical Queen of Sheba who inspired King Solomon to compose the Song of Solomon.

First of all, go and read the Song of Solomon in the Holy Bible and you will understand the beauty of this classic exotic and romantic African maiden from Surma, Ethiopia.

The photograph was taken my contact foto_morgana who is from Belgium.
And the photographs have generated many comments and I have to publish my own responses. You can read the other comments from other bloggers.


As an artist who has done studies in anatomy, I don't see anything offensive in the natural depiction of this native maiden who in most cases go topless even in our villages in Africa.

She is not even erotic.

She is classic and exotic.

This native maiden should be recommended for international modeling career. She is a classic black beauty.

She reminds me of my ex-girlfriend Chinwe the first time I saw her topless.

I am saving the picture as a screensaver.

God bless.

Orikinla Osinachi.

Okay I have the white version of topless maidens, so that we can post them to balance the racial equation.

If they were white, then the photographer would not be racist.
But, if they were black, the photographer must be racist?
What if the photographer is as black as the Surma people?

I was recently in a village in Akwa Ibom in South Eastern Nigeria and I have a video of village girls and boys bathing naked in the river.

If I post them, would that be racist?

God bless.

Orikinla Osinachi.

Ndesanjo Macha,
Your analysis is more rational.

I don't see things in black and white.
I see things in a million and one ways.

I did not see a racist depiction of native African nudity, but a professional photographer who captured the exotic innocence of an African tribe still living in the state of nature.

The tribalism in Africa is as horrible and terrible as the racism in America, Europe, Australia and Asia. From The Holocaust of World War Two to the holocaust of the Rwanda Genocide, evil is evil whether black or white.

I don't see things in black and white.
I see things in right or wrong.

What I saw was all geography.

God bless.

Now what is the difference between the topless boy and the topless girl above?

The photographer took several shots of the natives of Surma, but the only one that the critics singled out was the one of my black and beautiful Surma, simply for the apparent reason. Her virgin breasts. They said it was an offensive depiction of the African. What is offensive? My darling Surma's innocent boobs or what?

Well, Surma is not posing for the Playboy, Playgirl or Playmate. And I will not even permit it.

In case, you are interested in asking for the hands of Surma in marriage, see me behind the camera of foto_morgana. All the parents will ask for as the bride price will be 40 cows.

For modeling career, please contact me as well. Surma is the next Imam or Waris Dirie.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

160 Under-age Girls Raped In Chepkobeh Village In Kenya!

160 Girls Hidden in Villages After Ritual

That was the headline of the latest news report. That more than 160 under-age girls were taken to a rural village in Kenya and forcefully circumcised and to me that is the worst form of Rape. And the girls were not older than 12 years!
Can you believe this!

They said the girls were circumcised so that they could be married off immediately. So, they are still going to be sold to older men who will further rape them day and night. And the innocent and powerless girls have no choice as they are sold like sheep to be slaughtered.

Each girl will be sold for at least 40 cows as bride price!

The other day Pia Savage of Courting Destiny was recalling her past nightmares of rape and other female bloggers wrote their own views on the worst crime against the female sex.

Pia must read this!

For your benefit here is the full report below.

The Nation (Nairobi)
December 7, 2005
Posted to the web December 7, 2005

By Nation Correspondents

More than 160 under-age girls are holed up in manyattas in West Pokot District after being secretly circumcised.

The girls, aged between 10 and 12 years, are said to secluded at Chepkobeh Village, about 65 kilometres from Kapenguria Town.

Most are expected to be married off when they leave seclusion, according to an elder who spoke to the Nation in Kapenguria.

"Our traditions allow a girl who has undergone the cut to be married off," the elder said, adding that each would fetch at least 40 cows as bride price.

Yesterday, West Pokot district commissioner Stephen Ikua told journalists that he stopped another circumcision ceremony in Tamukh. Fifty girls were to undergo the cut, which is outlawed for minors.

"I have instructed all the chiefs and their assistants to stop the menace and arrest all parents who force their girls to undergo the cut," he said.

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto yesterday protested against the practice, which he termed primitive and blamed for cutting short girls' education.

Mr Enoch Rotich, an official of the Tegla Loroupe Foundation said it had started a campaign to educate the community on girls' education.

A Sh10 million project is planned to train local doctors to assist girls overcome health complications and trauma after circumcision.

Sixty doctors and nurses will be trained in reconstruction surgery and in specialised counselling for the girls, according to the coordinator, Mr Ken Wafula, of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy.

He said the programme, which will also benefit 60 staff of organisations involved in the fight against FGM, 120 lawyers and 60 children's officers.

The two-year project will be funded by Spain and several other European nations. It will target district hospitals in Kapenguria, Kapsowar, Kapsokwony, Kabarnet, Iten, Bomet, Kericho and Kisii.

The project starts in February.

Copyright © 2005 The Nation. All rights reserved. Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media (

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


See No Evil!

BoggyWoggy has joined up in the Total War On Spam. And we have launched our Operation Final Solution for the total eradication and destruction of Spam.
First and foremost, to destroy all the Internet Scam Spam and other forms of Spam.
Spam is the worst plague on the Internet and the sooner we get rid of Spam the better and safer we would be.

We have launched our counter-attacks on all Internet Spam-Suicide Bombers and all the Internet Spam terrorists.

In fact, the notorious Nigerian 419 Internet Scammers are in danger, because I have exposed their secrets. And they now hate my guts. Because, I spilled all the guts on their "Yahoo-Yahoo" Internet Scams and they have to look for other jobs.

Now, stop talking and take action, join us now and sign up to put an end to Spam. Once and for all. And let us make spam history. Finis.

Now watch the demo of Our Total War on Spam.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

She's So Fine: The Anatomy of a Girl Crush And Other Issues

I got the picture for the post from "Boyfriends and Girlfriends",a k a "L'Ami de Mon Amie; My Girlfriend's Boyfriend". 1987 - France - Romantic Comedy/Comedy of Manners/Urban Comedy.

This post is very important to those who have issues that they cannot just wipe off with their Kleenex tissues.

Beware of the consequences of fatal attractions such as falling in love with psychos or weirdos.
"Mummy, I just found out that Elton is gay! And he is going to wed Justin!"
The sooner you find out the better.

Personally, I consider lesbians as girls or women who were rejected or spurned by boys and men and in utter frustration, they decided to make love to themselves as their consolation in dejection and rejection.

Please, if you cannot find a boyfriend or manfriend, let me know. I can help you.

She's So Fine: The Anatomy of a Girl Crush
by Cathryn Michon (Grrl Genius) (see more from this contributor)

A recent New York Times article postulates that one thing men and women have in common is that we both get crushes on women. This interests me greatly because I just went through a bad "girl breakup" that was the result of a "girl crush."
If you ever try to discuss the topic of girl crushes with a man, his eyes instantly glaze over and you automatically know it's because he is hearing the "do-wacka-wacka" of cheesy porn music in his head. Sometimes you have to clap your hands together really loudly right in front of his face just to pull him out of his catatonic state.

No, it's not that kind of "girl-on-girl action." A girl crush is where you meet a woman whose sense of style or brilliant achievements or personal charisma makes you kind of adore and worship her.

How It Happens
The New York Times piece quotes Dr. Pepper Schwartz, a learned and attractive author and college professor, who says she has been a frequent object of girl crushes, mostly from her students. I, for one, believe it, because in an odd coincidence I actually had lunch with her very recently, and I'm here to tell you she is prime girl-crush material. She's smart and funny and when she tells you her age you're shocked because she looks so fantastic.

A key element to the girl crush is arguably the appearance of the crushee, and yet the classic girl crush is decidedly nonsexual. (Attention, male readers: Did you hear me? Turn down the "do-wacka" music. Do I have to clap my hands again?)
I think the reason that looks or style factor into the crush equation has to do with the issue of role modeling. I love Oprah Winfrey because she's a true Grrl Genius, and also because she looked impossibly hot on her 50th birthday. On some level I feel that Oprah and Dr. Pepper Schwartz are paving the way for me to be interesting and accomplished and hot at any age.

Just the other day I developed a thing for that woman on CNN who flies around in the eye of a huge rainstorm, just because that is so unbelievably cool. She wore a fetching NASA blue jumpsuit, and she had her hair in a Gidget-style ponytail. My crush was born when she accidentally said, "That's affirmative" to the reporter because that's the kind of mistake you make when you spend the day flying around in a storm. Then she actually blushed from embarrassment.

Come on, how adorable is that?

If the object of your girl affection is famous, or even someone you are worshiping from afar, it must by necessity remain a crush.

Webster's unabridged lists no derivation for the origin of the word "crush," but I'm going to guess that it comes from a combination of "crazy" and "rush," because that's exactly what happens. Sometimes there are actual physical symptoms to a girl crush, and they are all unpleasant: sweating, trembling, heart palpitations.
There is also an element of fantasy involved in these relationships, and the idea of your crush usually falls apart when you try to consider it in reality. When I tried to imagine myself with the CNN storm-flying girl, I sort of pictured us both in those cool jumpsuits saying, "That's affirmative!" but I couldn't really figure out a reason why I'd be with her, or where I'd get my jumpsuit, and I started to realize how silly my girl crush was becoming.

When your girl crush does not involve a notable or famous person, it can often mellow into a friendship, and that is the best.

Parting Ways
Now, the dark side of the girl crush is the girl breakup. Whereas men (outside of characters in Tennessee Williams plays) don't generally get crushes on each other, they are also wise enough to avoid the dreaded breakup, because that's when every mutual friend you have ever shared with your ex-crush is forced to weigh in and take sides.

I have never once heard of guy friends "breaking up." They might have a big fistfight, but at least they maintain the dignity to let a friendship that is over just fade away. Women, on the other hand, usually turn it into a drama festival, one that often culminates in the ever-popular email tell-off. Jan Yager, author of Friendshifts: The Power of Friendship and How It Shapes Our Lives, advises against this: "Email has made it too easy to express thoughts and feelings that once you hit 'send' you may regret."

I had a friend named Ruth, who I once would have described as my best friend. Ruth was a professional mentor I had a girl crush on, who then became an actual friend. I admired both her giant brain and the coppery red hair that fell in perfect ringlets to cover it. I had never cared for her controlling, perpetually unemployed husband, but since I also had a controlling, perpetually unemployed husband, I didn't give it much thought at the time.

When I left my marriage, she was the only friend I had that was against it, and that was the beginning of the end. I should have seen that the friendship was partly based on us both having unhappy personal lives.

When I got into a new, healthy relationship, she couldn't bear to be around me. She had told me when I divorced, "I don't want to hear all your little stories of dating. Save that for your other girlfriends." Apparently if I wasn't going to stay unhappily married, as she was, I was to keep quiet about my new life. My personal happiness, which every other significant person in my life had celebrated, was keenly painful to her.

So she "broke up" with me. Oddly, it was more painful than my divorce, but maybe because I had seen the divorce coming. It ended with an email from her, in all caps, telling me to "STAY AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE!!!!" It was the email equivalent of screaming, and it was so unlike Ruth that it shocked me.

She's So Fine: The Anatomy of a Girl Crush
Keeping Girl Crushes in Check
So what did I learn from all this?
I think because my relationship with Ruth began as a crush, I was never willing to examine its inherent flaws.

That's just what I used to do with boyfriends, and then a husband.
So my advice is: Have all the girl crushes you want on amazing famous women. Imagine yourself flying around with them in the eye of a hurricane, if it helps you to get in touch with your fearlessness. Don't worry about whether or not you can find a matching jumpsuit ?- because it's all pretend anyway.
But if you have a girl crush in real life, and it becomes a friendship, make sure the junior high behavior ends there ?- and do the hard work to make the friendship work.

And never send a breakup email that's in all caps, ever. Unless you're ?- I don't know ?- 12.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hollywood Divorce Jokes

Only dummies take Hollywood marriages serious.
Because, these actors and actresses fake everything from orgasm to weddings.
They make fun of the sacred institution of marriage. They are the most unfaithful couples on earth. They are just fxxking themselves and changing partners as they change roles and scenes in their movies.
Hollywood Divorce Jokes

In Hollywood they get married early in the morning. That way, if it doesn't work out, you haven't wasted a whole day.

The hardest thing in Hollywood is to keep the marriage a secret until the divorce leaks out.

I was invited to a Hollywood wedding. Traffic was heavy, so I got there late -- just in time for the divorce.

One Hollywood kid has good reason to be proud: at the last PTA meeting, he won the prize for having the most parents there.

One actress is sentimental: she always gets divorced in the dress her mother was married in.

A Hollywood bride looked around as the groom put her down after carrying her across the threshold. Puzzled, the Hollywood bride said, "This place looks familiar. Have we been married before?"

Saturday, December 03, 2005

JK ROWLING: Harry Potter And The bullet-proof barrier between city's rich and poor

I have to blog this latest news from the enchanted Lady JK Rowling of the Harry Potter Phenomena. And follow the link above to read the latest on her and her all time classic best seller Harry Potter and how Madonna was overwhelmed in "Harry and the pop star MADONNA bowed to Pottermania last night, with the superstar singer turning up for the premiere of..." BoggyWoggy has the latest gist and hottest news in the blogosphere!

JK Rowling is concerned at the two-tier poverty level in Edinburgh. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

The bullet-proof barrier between city's rich and poor
JK ROWLING has written about her experience of grinding poverty and nights when vandals, burglars and drunks would make her life a misery.

In a heartfelt introduction to a book whose proceeds will go to fighting social exclusion in Scotland's capital, the best-selling writer gives a rare insight into what her life was like on the poverty line as a single mother in Edinburgh - "the 'rags' part of what might as well be called my Cinderella story".

Before Harry Potter took off, she reveals, she had first-hand experience of what poverty brought in its wake. In Leith's South Lorne Street, where she and her daughter lived for three years, "a group of local boys amused themselves on dull nights by throwing stones at my two-year-old's bedroom window".

On one occasion she had to shove a drunk out into the corridor after he had tried to force open her front door; another time she had to cope with being broken into at night while she and her daughter were both in bed.

Rowling writes about her memories of her early years in Edinburgh in the introduction to One City, which will be launched at Edinburgh Festival Theatre on Friday next week in what is claimed to be Scotland's biggest-ever literary event.

It also contains three stories by Edinburgh's other world-famous authors - Ian Rankin, Alexander McCall Smith and Irvine Welsh - who will all be interviewed by the BBC's Kirsty Wark about their work.

Money from the event - which is sponsored by The Scotsman - and from sales of the book will go towards One City Trust, the charity set up last year with the aim of helping people in the poorest parts of Edinburgh enjoy the fruits of the city's economic and cultural boom.

The cause is close to Rowling's heart. When she arrived in Edinburgh in December 1993, a single mother with hardly any money and no job to go to, she soon became aware of the barriers, "invisible and inflexible as bullet-proof glass", between the rich and those, like her, on the fringes of society.

She had not, she reveals, ever intended to stay in the city - it was just meant to be a Christmas visit to her sister.

At the time she had far more friends south of the Border and she imagined that she would soon be back among them.

That winter, though, Edinburgh was "snow-covered, almost dauntingly beautiful and austerely unfamiliar".

And when the thaw came, it still had enough attractions: certainly her daughter loved toddling around the Museum of Scotland and Princes Street Gardens.

"I stumbled along in her wake, wondering what was going to happen to us, almost as shell-shocked at finding myself in this strange new city as I was to be a single mother, broke and jobless." Even when she moved out of the "glorified bedsit" organised for her by the social services in 28 Gardiner Terrace, Edinburgh, to live in the flat in Leith, which she furnished thanks to the help of friends, that sense of being excluded never left her.

"Violence, crime and addiction were part of everyday life in that part of Edinburgh," she writes. "Yet barely ten minutes away by bus was a different world, a world of cashmere and cream teas and the imposing facades of the institutions that make this city the fourth-largest financial centre in Europe.

"I felt in those days as though there was an abyss separating me from those carrying briefcases and Jenners bags - and, in truth, there was."

Rowling's subsequent career crossed that abyss in the most spectacular way: even before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince went on sale in July, her estimated personal wealth of £500 million was twice that of the Queen.

It is easy for many to forget how recently Rowling broke out of that poverty trap.

But far from forgetting about it herself, Rowling says that fighting its insidious effects should be a top priority.

Misery, despair and mental and physical health problems multiply among the socially excluded, she says. Yet every city would benefit if all its children were able to reach their potential, if its workers were able to find jobs and all its citizens were able to avoid being isolated.

In Edinburgh - where, despite its affluent image, one in five children grows up in a household below the income-support level - One City Trust is working out how to help marginalised people be more fully involved in the city's life. This group includes the poor, the disabled, ethnic minorities or "people who feel isolated from others and from the benefits of the city".

In her early years in the city, Rowling admits, that last definition fitted her perfectly.

She has written about the impact of poverty on her life once before.

In the foreword to Magic, a book of short stories published three years ago to raise money for the National Council for One Parent Families, she described how she hated relying on charity shops for her daughters' clothes and was jealous at the way other parents could provide new toys for their children.

Once, she wrote, she was so poor that, when she was tuppence short for a tin of baked beans at the supermarket checkout, "I had to pretend that I had mislaid a £10 note for the benefit of the bored girl at the till." She would also visit Mothercare just because their baby-changing rooms offered a small supply of free nappies.

Despite all this, she reveals in One City, even before Harry Potter made her famous she had come to love Edinburgh.

She has now lived in the city longer than she has ever lived anywhere in her life.

"I am proud to live here," she concludes, "and proud that my home city is committed to becoming a more inclusive place.

"One City seeks to unify: I cannot think of a better goal, for Edinburgh, Scotland or the world."

Emergency In Doctors' Quarters

Doctors’ Quarters is a one-hour weekly Nigerian drama set in a residence for trainee doctors. The series will follow the exploits of five talented students as they deal with the trials and tribulations of life with death just around the corner.

Let’s first meet the beautiful ladies of the show. Moyo is an inquisitive film student whose latest project is documenting the lives of the residents of Doctors’ Quarters. Then there’s the sophisticated Omolara (Lara), who’s involved in a romance with an older doctor – while trying to keep a family secret. 24 year-old Nadia is going against her family’s wishes by training to be a doctor.

So to the leading men of the series: First up is the intelligent Ugo. The final year student has the world at his feet – he gets whatever he wants. Well gifted in the charm stakes, he must learn to balance his smoothness with compassion for the patients who need his assistance. Then there’s Sammy: cheerful and easygoing on the surface, but troubled by a violent past that’s threatening to catch up with him.

Set in Lagos, Nigeria the drama is shot on location to highlight the rich, pacey and diverse culture of the country. The team behind the 26-part drama are Intergrated Broadcast Solution & Technology and Endemol Nigeria.
Kate Henshaw is in the eye of the storm as reported in the Nigerian media.
She was shown the way out of the drama and this could be more interesting than the series.

I was in Lagos last week and I met with my director and partner Faruk Afolabi Lasaki who gave me some hints on the crisis in the M-net's "Doctors' Quarters" and the on-going surgery in the production of the series.

I pray for peace and I appeal to the desperados not to fish in the troubled waters.

I saw green eyed monsters telling me that M-net has paid huge sums of money to the Nigerian producers, directors and actors. That even the gaffer earned millions of Naira.The way they exclaimed made me to shake my head over what poverty has done to the psyche of Nigerians who see $30,000 as manna from heaven.

M-net has changed the financial rankings of these Nigerian professionals overnight and they will now become expensive by Nigerian standards.

Personally, I have been looking forward to working with Kate Henshaw, because of my romantic interests and I hate to see anyone hurting this lovely lady. So, I advise that M-net should bring darling Kate Henshaw back to "Doctors' Quarters" if they want me to continue to support their blue chips in Nigeria. Otherwise, the red carpet could be pulled from under their feet before they can scream "Azania!".

The greed for money is the root of all evils.

The model or actress should be ready to bare it all in the nude scene as she poses for the artist to do his oil on canvas painting of a naked beauty.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Pregnant Women Are Sexy

I love pregnant women and they can be really sexy if you have good eyes like my starry brown eyes.

Pregnant women turn me on and gazing at them is very amusing. Just wondering how they feel bearing such an awesome extra luggage in their passage of this voyage of life.

Pregnant women should be admired, adored, loved and protected 24/7.

Anonymous brought me some news of vital information on the arraignment of one Maurice Wallace for the murder of the unfortunate Illinois State University student Olamide Adeyooye.

Anonymous also chided me for attacking some fellow bloggers. But, Anonymous missed the point.

The post on these bloggers was strictly my personal opinion. Because, blogging is blogging. And as I have mentioned earlier that whatever you blog is your business as long as the blog belongs to you such as this my scrapbook blog BoggyWoggy.

BOGGYWOGGY IS A SCRAPBOOK and SCRAPBOOK is for fun. What the legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti calls "Yabis". And the attire of satire worn by BoggyWoggy is for the comical antics of interest to me. Anything goes on this blog.

What is Therapeutic Humor?

Therapeutic humor is any intervention that promotes health and wellness by stimulating a playful discovery, expression, or appreciation of the absurdity or incongruity of life's situations.

This intervention may enhance work performance, support learning, improve health, or be used as a complementary treatment of illness to facilitate healing or coping, whether physical, emotional, cognitive, social, or spiritual.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Most Accomplished Musician In Nigeria

Lagbaja the masked musician is the most accomplished musician in Nigeria. And those who understand music will agree with me. Because, this Nigerian musical phenomenon
has no rival in Nigeria. He is a multi-instrumentalist and intellectual lyricist.
The dexterity and ingenuity of Lagbaja make him stand apart from the other musicians in Nigeria. His genius is charismatic and enigmatic. He plays Jazz, Highlife and Afrobeat and his peculiar mystique makes Lagbaja unique.

I love his music and I never get bored of listening to it. And if you have not collected Lagbaja, you are missing a lot.

Here is more on Lagbaja from his web site.

The first question that is often asked when Lagbaja is encountered is, “Why the mask?” Basically, Lagbaja’s mask is used as an icon of man’s facelessness.
Lagbaja is a Yoruba word that means somebody, nobody, anybody or everybody. It perfectly depicts the anonymity of the so called “common man”. The mask and the name symbolize the faceless, the voiceless in the society, particularly in Africa. Once you see Lagbaja’s mask you are reminded of your own facelessness. This symbolism is so powerful that Lagbaja’s mask has popularized the use of the mask concept by other artistes both in Nigeria and beyond.

Though the concept was developed long before that, his first album (entitled Lagbaja) was released to National acclaim in 1993. Over the years and more albums later, the music continues to fascinate with its unique focus on a core of African drums. His music is a product of various influences ranging from traditional Yoruba music to Jazz. Often the music is purely instrumental- an interplay between traditional Yoruba percussions, drums, chants, and western instruments, especially the saxophone. When there are lyrics, they are primarily sung in Yoruba, English or a blend of the two as is colloquially spoken in Yoruba cities. Many of his songs dwell on serious social issues, while others simply entertain. Some are dance inducing while others pass serious messages in humourous ways.

One thing that links all the songs together is his use of traditional African drums. Traditional Yoruba drums are the most prominent. Four families of these drums are employed in creating different grooves and moods. The dundun/gangan family is the most prominent and at times up to five drummers combine all the various components to create the polyrhythms. The bata ensemble is led by two musicians who alternate between soft high toned driving rhythms with their omele bata, and thunderous loud talk with their mum drum- iya ilu. The general percussionist leads the sakara ensemble. The fourth family, used as the backbone of the groove is the ogido, a derivative of the ancient gbedu. The ensemble of drummers constitute the larger part of the band. Vocalists and western instrumentalists make up the rest. Lagbaja’s groovy fusion has been refered to as afrojazz, afrobeat, higherlife and afropop until now that he himself has christened the music AFRICANO, alluding mostly to the central role of African drums and grooves in his music.

In March 1997, Lagbaja established his club, Motherlan’ in the heart of Ikeja in Lagos. Motherlan’s design is influenced by the traditional African town or market square, where people gather under the moonlight for ceremonies and artistic events like dance, music, story telling, wrestling etc. True to this function, over the years, it has become a place for many comedians to polish their act in front of a demanding audience.

With a serene gorge of beautiful trees and greens as background, the venue merges traditional Africa with the contemporary, creating the ambience of the countryside in the urban city. Lagbaja performs at Motherlan’ every last Friday of the month to a full house of faithfuls.

Lagbaja is fast emerging in the forefront of contemporary African music, rich in the traditions of the continent while cosmopolitan in attitude. He has started to take his music beyond the shores of Nigeria, performing in festivals and venues around the world

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America's Hottest College Girl 2005

What's this about?
CollegeHumor and LeTigre are proud to present the America’s Hottest College Girl bracket. Visit CollegeHumor every day and vote for your favorite girl. If she has enough votes, she’ll move forward until the finals on December 9th. The winning lady gets a trip to New York, a $1000 shopping spree at the LeTigre showroom and a chance to model in some of their ads. So, vote now!
Today's Matches
Vote Now: Sara L Versus Chelsea S


Upcoming Matches
Dec 1: Rachel Y vs. Allie C
Dec 5: vs.

BoggyWoggy knows that there are some hot college girls in the blogosphere and I want them to take up the challenge to show us the hot stuff they have been blessed with.

Contest and I will vote for you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Genevieve Nnaji: The Hottest Actress in Africa

Genevieve Nnaji the New Face of Lux Beauty soap is the hottest actress in Africa.
She is even more popular than Charlize Theron the Academy Award winning actress from South Africa. Genevieve won the African Movie Academy Award(AMAA)for the Best Actress in 2005. She also released her debut CD of songs she called "No More".

Genevieve is beautiful and wonderful to behold.
"She has great carriage," said Chika Onu a leading Nigerian director. He has known her for years. Even, before she became an actress.I was impressed by his commendation of this highly gifted Nigerian actress who is the belle of Nollywood. And with her beautiful brown eyes set on the greater heights of Hollywood.

She has played leading roles in over 300 Nigerian movies and her latest role is in "30 Days" a new film produced in Nigeria.

Genevieve is 26 and a single mother of a child she had whilst in High School.
Both Genevieve and her daughter Nadia are adorable.

I am one of her millions of fans all over the world and I treasure her e-mails.
She is humble and honest to God. And I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Happy Birthday Meg Ryan!

Margaret Mary Emily Ann Hyra the celebrated actress known as Meg Ryan is 43 today.

Blond-haired, blue-eyed with an effervescent personality, Meg Ryan graduated from Bethel high school, Bethel in June 1979. Moving to New York, she attended New York University where she majored in journalism. To earn extra money while working on her degree, Meg went into acting using her new name Meg Ryan. In 1981, she had her big screen debut as Candice Bergen's daughter in George Cukor's last film Rich and Famous (1981). She tried out and was cast as Betsy in the day time television soap "As the World Turns" (1956). She was part of the cast from 1982 to 1984. Meg also had a part in the television series "One of the Boys" (1982), but this show was soon cancelled. In 1984, she moved to tinsel town and landed a job in the western Television Series "Wildside" (1985). With her part in the highly successful movie Top Gun (1986) Meg became a star with "take me to bed or lose me forever". This led to Meg being cast in Steven Spielberg's movie Innerspace (1987) where she co-starred with Dennis Quaid. She again co-starred with Quaid in the remake of D.O.A. (1988) and they married on Valentine Day in 1991. In 1989, Meg appeared in another blockbuster called When Harry Met Sally... (1989) and the scene at the restaurant became famous. Meg was nominated for both the Golden Globe and the BAFTA. In 1990, she co-starred with Tom Hanks in Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) and this time she played three roles as DeDe/Angelica/Patricia. She appeared again with Tom in the very successful Sleepless in Seattle (1993) for which she was again nominated for the Golden Globe. In 1994, Meg decided to act against type when she appeared as the alcoholic wife and mother in When a Man Loves a Woman (1994). After that, she went back to "cute" with both I.Q. (1994) and French Kiss (1995). In 1994, Meg won the Harvard Hasty Pudding Award as "Woman of the Year" and was voted as being one of "The 50 most beautiful people in the world 1994" by People Magazine.

Recently,Meg Ryan starred as boxing promoter Jackie Kallen in "Against the Ropes," but the movie going public didn't buy the romantic-comedy star in a grittier
Perhaps. Ryan just signed to star in The Role of a Lifetime, a comedy about a Hollywood actress and a British director who meet on Broadway.

More Celebrities Birthdays and addresses.


Jodie Foster, 43
c/o Joe Funicello
International Creative Management (ICM-LA)
8942 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Meg Ryan, 43
c/o Suzan Bymel
Management 360
9111 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Calvin R Klein, 63
c/o Staff Member
Calvin Klein Inc
Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation
200 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10016


Bjork, 40
c/o Sam Kirby
William Morris Agency (WMA-NY)
1325 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

Nicollette Sheridan, 42
c/o Staff Member
Desperate Housewives
ABC Television
2300 Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA 91506

Goldie Hawn, 60
c/o Staff Member
Clearlight Productions
9255 Sunset Blvd #1010
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Friday, November 18, 2005

Romeo Beckham Taken To Hospital

Romeo Taken To Hospital
Updated: 06:39, Friday November 18, 2005
David Beckham's son Romeo has reportedly been taken to hospital for the fourth time in three months.

The three-year-old was admitted to the private Ruber Clinic in Madrid after he developed a fever and his temperature soared to a reported 104F.

Doctors said he had been suffering the early stages of bronchitis.

Clea girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Clear Interview: Clea girls Just Wanna Have Fun!
October 11, 2005, 10:30:36
Just when you thought pops shiny bubble was about to burst with the new wave of angst ridden singer-song writers taking over the British charts, girl group Clea make their return.

If they look familiar that may be because you have seen them before. Original members Emma, Aimee, Lynsey, and Chloe (all their Christian names, make Clea) were the giggly girls who struck up a friendship three years ago at the Pop Stars: The Rivals auditions, only to be dropped at the last minute in favour of Girls Aloud. After the auditions and a few nights out, the girls realised they got along so well and shared the same aspirations that it made sense to form a band, and so Clea was born. After releasing two well received singles 'Download' and 'Stuck In The Middle' and losing a member (Chloe) Clea have spent the last 18 months working in Sweden and LA on their new album, due out early next year.After experiencing a taste of what the business has in store, the newly refreshed Clea girls are determined to bring a little bit of uplifting, classic pop back into our lives with the release of their new single 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off.' The song due for release on the 17th of October, is a remake of the 80s Jermaine Stewart classic that has been revamped by Da Playaz for the new millennium and is complete with a sexy video, that makes the boys get naked for a change!

Your name is taken from the original four members of the band - but Chloe left so why did you decide to keep the name?

Emma: Chloe left about a year and half ago. It was a really hard decision to make. Because we had been Clea for about a year and a half, we wanted to keep the fan base that we already had, aware that we still going. I think that if we had changed the name they might not have known it was us and we love the name.

Your new single is a remake of the Jermaine Stuart classic 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off' were you girls even born when that came out?

Emma: Well Lynsey was two, I was two and Aimee was one. When we heard the record we were in Sweden recording the album and we were approached by Da Playaz. They asked what we thought of the record and as soon as they played it Lynsey was like' oh my god I remember this!' Me and Aimee were looking at her thinking, 'we have never heard of this record' but we loved it. We didn't even know that it was going to be our next single but as soon as we recorded it we thought, this is definitely got to be the relaunch single for the band and we have had such an amazing reaction to it.

You have been working on your album in LA that must have been great?

Emma: Yeah we did, it's so great to be back releasing a record because the last 18 months we've been in LA and Sweden making the new album. We didn't want to release anything that the record company wanted us to which happened with the first album; we wanted it to be us. So it's really poppy and got a lot of energy, a lot of really heavy beats that go through but then you have a really poppy melody over the top.

Did you bump into any celebs while over there?

Emma: No we didn't unfortunately. When we went there we were all pasty white and when we came back we were pasty white because all we did was work in the studio. But we did have some opportunities to go to some premiers where Will Smith and Beyonce were. When we were in Sweden doing our video we met Anastasia, so that was cool. We have been put up in some beautiful hotels so we are really lucky. We go in there like little kids on Christmas.

Is it true Simon Cowell wanted you to audition for this years X-Factor?

Emma: Yeah, what happened was, we were on the brink of being signed with Simon about six months ago. Basically he was like 'look girls they've told me I am doing another X Factor and so the only way I can sign you is if you audition for the program because whatever band that comes out of it, I'll be managing.' And we where like, 'well we don't want to do another reality program because we have already been there, its going to be like going back to primary school again.' We've learnt the trade, we have been doing it for three years, we have been gigging it and been on Top Of The Pops. I think if we had of gone on it people would have thought we've had our chance and it gives opportunities to people who haven't. We felt like it wasn't right for us.

What makes you different from most other girl groups like Girls Aloud or The Sugar Babes?

Emma: Well the music is really poppy, and unlike Sugar Babes who are quite urban, were just a pure pop band. The difference with Girls Aloud is, we have personalities and we are just out to have fun. A lot of our songs have quite a heavy beat going through them, it's a different style, and it's got a lot of attitude and life and soul to it. I think ours is an album that you put on before a night out with the girls or the boys, its one of those uplifting albums.

And you girls genuinely seem to get along - which is a bonus?

Emma: Yeah, a lot of people say to us, 'god I can't believe how well you lot get on.' But we have been together for three years, if we didn't get on then we would have sacked it off after the first program and then just gone and done other things. We are like sisters now, we live and breathe together and we have such a giggle. We take our career seriously but we are out to have fun and enjoy ourselves. I think that's what is different about this band, we are actually mates and luckily, we do get on.

If you could give yourselves different personas like in the Spice Girls, what would
they be?

Emma: Lynsey is the joker of the band she is a really cocky northerner from Manchester. Aimee is very creative. She's really into writing songs and very focused. She always wants to be involved in everything, like choreography. Where as me and Lynsey stand in the back and piss around, she is like 'come on girls lets make this the best.' And I'm like the drive of the band.

Have you written some of the tracks on the album then?

Emma: We have written two tracks solely from the band and we co-wrote a couple. All the songs we haven't written, we have chosen ourselves. We have been able to put ourselves into the album, which is fantastic because the first time we didn't get to have much of a say in what we released. We have written one track called 'Innie Meanie' which we hope will be our next single.

The Video for your new single has lots of sexy boys running around with not much on - that must have been a laugh to make?

Emma: Yeah, the video was so funny! We had so many people saying that they wanted us semi naked and we were liked 'for god's sake,' playing off the title that 'we don't have to take our clothes off' we were like 'we don't want to take our clothes off!' There are so many girls in their bikinis and it gets a bit boring so we were like 'why don't we have the boys doing that and have like a calendar girl's sort of thing?' And obviously we'll have their bits covered. Aimee kept looking at all the boy's butts and the sights we saw were so funny. But its just really tongue in cheek.

Did you girls have the pleasure of picking the boys yourself?

Emma: Yeah we did. We picked a couple of them off the street. We were on our way to film it and Lynsey was like 'oh my god that guy has got to be our video!' So we just pulled up and were like right, 'do you want to be in our music video' and he was like 'yeah definitely.' A lot of them were brought in. We had little Polaroid's of boys and we got to chose them.

You girls are all sexy ladies yourselves - do you have boyfriends?

Emma: I'm single and Aimee and Lynsey are dating boys. I broke up with my boyfriend about three months ago but I am in my element. A few weeks ago we went to the GQ awards all and I could eye up the boys - well we were all eyeing up the boys. But we are so busy; their boyfriends (Aimee and Lynsey) are like 'when are we going to see you next' and their like 'never'! It's difficult for the girls and boys who are in the industry because there partners don't understand what its like, it's fickle and it's hard to keep a relationship.

If you hadn't gone to that audition what do you think you would be doing now?

Emma: All of us had just come out of school so we probably would have gone to university, but I think we are all so ambitious, so if we had any regular job we would have been auditioning to be a singer or an actress. So I think we would have all been aiming to do what we are doing now. I would never knock the reality program because it has gotten us to where we are. We have been really fortunate to have had that. I think at first we were like we were lucky to be here, but now I think we deserve to be because we have been working our butts off!
We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off is released the 17th of October.

Interview by: Sarah Williams femalefirst

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Sexiest Woman Alive, blah blah blah."

I love my guys on MSN. Why? We think alike. Including Alex of Stupidity.Com. We rock. Because, we are neither dazed nor fazed by all the Grandiose Fantasies and fallacies of Hollywood. And all the fake lives of the cosmetic and plastic beauties from Jessica Simpson to Jessica Biel. Their Narcissistic grandiosity is comedy to us. Just boggywoggy comic strips.

I have to blog this from my pals on MSN. You will be more amused than confused.
Nicolette Sheridan
One of the most entertaining games TV watchers play is, "Have they or haven't they?" Of course, the topic is plastic surgery and speculating whether this or that actor has gone under the knife or needle. Experienced TV viewers will know that if you even ask the question, chances are the answer is yes. And because of syndication, TiVo, DVD releases and endless reruns, actors can be scrutinized and dissected even more brutally. And we're not even talking about the celebrated ladies of a certain age, such as Cher or Joan Rivers, who've owned up to their procedures. Young Hollywood is partaking more and more as well. Now, we're not going to break doctor-patient confidentiality, but there are a few famous faces (and bodies, such as Nicollette Sheridan's, left) that just look a little, well, improved these days. Not that that's a bad thing.
Nicolette Sheridan
Jessica Biel.
Jessica Biel Yes, yes, "Sexiest Woman Alive, blah blah blah." But honestly, the lovely Jessica seems to be addicted to Hollywood's latest recreational drug of choice. I'm talking, of course, about collagen (or its shinier, longer-lasting cousin, Restylane). There's nothing sexy about fish lips, sweetie. You're adorable just like you were.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Your Wife Or Your Life?

Armed robbers in Nigeria love raping girls and women during their diabolical operations. And so many wives have been raped by these heartless and ruthless armed robbers.

I have never heard of any husband killed whilst trying to defend his wife. And many of them were made to watch as their wives were raped right before their very eyes.
So, the fact is these husbands love their lives more than their wives.

I know a former campus beauty queen in Nigeria who was raped by armed robbers a year after her wedding. She was seeing me before she got married.

She ran away from her boyfriend who was maltreating her and took refuge in my house. The guy and his gang asked me to give her up. I refused. I moved her to my uncle's residence, because it was safer. The guy came after her. And my cousin who was also a body builder like the guy warned the bully to keep off or he would be dealt with the same brutal way he was dealing with the ex-girlfriend. And he reported the matter to my elder brother. My family appealed to me to surrender the girl and I refused until she left.

Later, she got married. But unfortunately, she was raped by the armed robbers who invaded their home. She felt bad and sad. And to worsen her predicament, the husband stopped loving her and they separated.

Was it her fault that she was raped?
Why did the husband reject her when she needed him most?
Did he not vow "For better or for worse" at their wedding?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who is Forking Whom?

I was watching a gay couple on the CNN telling viewers about their marriage.
And I was feeling very sorry for the two queer men.

They looked funny and nervous even though they were doing their best to look bold and shameless. But, they were still pathetic.

The way Americans treat marriage makes nonsense of the holy matrimony. Because, marriage has lost it's sacred values in the American society.

You see American women discussing divorce as if they are talking about ordinary High Scool puppy love affairs. And they are very shameless when they are talking about their past marriages.

"When I was still married to my first husband. Before I married my second husband...bla bla bla."

Are these people serious?

Millions of them marry for erroneous reasons.
Mostly for sexual lust mistaken for love. And they are so irresponsible in their marriage.

That is why they are now wedding gays when gays should be referred to the nearest counselling sessions. Because, no matter the human rights you give gays, they will still be seen as queer fellows in every community. Because, the fact is, it is abnormal to see a man mating with a fellow man. IT IS ABNORMAL. Or to see a woman punishing herself saying she is making love to a fellow woman.

There is no difference between a gay and a lunatic poking a dog.

Except I am insane! God forbid!

Monday, November 14, 2005

The Google Story By David A. Vise

A few months later, in the fall of 2004, I decided to write the first biography of Google, tracing its short history from the time founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford in 1995 until the present. In my view, this is the hottest business, media and technology success of our time, with a stock market value of $110 billion, more than the combined value of Disney, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, Ford and General Motors

The Google Story goes on sale in the United States on Tuesday, Nov. 15, and the extraordinary reach of the search engine has made the book of global interest. The book is also being published in Great Britain, Canada, Australia, China, Taiwan, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Japan, Korea, Czechoslovakia, Holland, South Africa, Turkey, New Zealand and Indonesia.
-- David A. Vise

When An Old Man Rants: Pierce Brosnan Will You Ever Grow Up?

Pierce Brosnans Four Letter Bond Rant
November 14, 2005, 1:46:57
PIERCE BROSNAN is still fuming about being dropped as JAMES BOND - and plans to use his role in new movie THE MATADOR to show 007 movie bosses what they are missing out on.

The 52-year-old Irish actor was judged to be too old to continue as the world's most famous superspy, and has been replaced by DANIEL CRAIG, 37.

He rants, "When the fuckers try and hem you in with Bond, it's great to come back with The Matador.

Pierce Brosnans Four Letter Bond Rant
November 13, 2005, 1:46:57
PIERCE BROSNAN is still fuming about being dropped as JAMES BOND - and plans to use his role in new movie THE MATADOR to show 007 movie bosses what they are missing out on.

The 52-year-old Irish actor was judged to be too old to continue as the world's most famous superspy, and has been replaced by DANIEL CRAIG, 37.

He rants, "When the fuckers try and hem you in with Bond, it's great to come back with The Matador.

It's great to say, 'Fuck you, arsehole. Fuck you who wouldn't give me a job. "'Fuck you who thought I was some wuss. Fuck you, who thought I was a pretty boy. Fuck you, who thought anything of me without even knowing me or giving me the chance.
"'Fuck you.' But when you go around with all that inside you all the time, you end up completely mangled so you have to let it go."

My comment:
Imagine an old man sulking like a kid over being dropped from playing James Bond!
I bet James Bond 007 was like a life-line to Pierce Brosnan and without it, he would be back to where he was picked from in the first place-Hollywood's Archives.

He needs to continue playing James Bond to boost his ego.

Sorry old guy, no more gloating over being James Bond to woo the impressionable ladies. You are now "OYO"-On Your Own.

George Clooney will play James Bond 007 better than all those British actors, minus Sir Sean Connery the Scottish actor who is already honoured to receive the American Film Institute's (AFI) highest honour, its life achievement award.