Saturday, December 03, 2005

Emergency In Doctors' Quarters

Doctors’ Quarters is a one-hour weekly Nigerian drama set in a residence for trainee doctors. The series will follow the exploits of five talented students as they deal with the trials and tribulations of life with death just around the corner.

Let’s first meet the beautiful ladies of the show. Moyo is an inquisitive film student whose latest project is documenting the lives of the residents of Doctors’ Quarters. Then there’s the sophisticated Omolara (Lara), who’s involved in a romance with an older doctor – while trying to keep a family secret. 24 year-old Nadia is going against her family’s wishes by training to be a doctor.

So to the leading men of the series: First up is the intelligent Ugo. The final year student has the world at his feet – he gets whatever he wants. Well gifted in the charm stakes, he must learn to balance his smoothness with compassion for the patients who need his assistance. Then there’s Sammy: cheerful and easygoing on the surface, but troubled by a violent past that’s threatening to catch up with him.

Set in Lagos, Nigeria the drama is shot on location to highlight the rich, pacey and diverse culture of the country. The team behind the 26-part drama are Intergrated Broadcast Solution & Technology and Endemol Nigeria.
Kate Henshaw is in the eye of the storm as reported in the Nigerian media.
She was shown the way out of the drama and this could be more interesting than the series.

I was in Lagos last week and I met with my director and partner Faruk Afolabi Lasaki who gave me some hints on the crisis in the M-net's "Doctors' Quarters" and the on-going surgery in the production of the series.

I pray for peace and I appeal to the desperados not to fish in the troubled waters.

I saw green eyed monsters telling me that M-net has paid huge sums of money to the Nigerian producers, directors and actors. That even the gaffer earned millions of Naira.The way they exclaimed made me to shake my head over what poverty has done to the psyche of Nigerians who see $30,000 as manna from heaven.

M-net has changed the financial rankings of these Nigerian professionals overnight and they will now become expensive by Nigerian standards.

Personally, I have been looking forward to working with Kate Henshaw, because of my romantic interests and I hate to see anyone hurting this lovely lady. So, I advise that M-net should bring darling Kate Henshaw back to "Doctors' Quarters" if they want me to continue to support their blue chips in Nigeria. Otherwise, the red carpet could be pulled from under their feet before they can scream "Azania!".

The greed for money is the root of all evils.

The model or actress should be ready to bare it all in the nude scene as she poses for the artist to do his oil on canvas painting of a naked beauty.


Anonymous said...

I am happy about the series. But I seem to have some reservations....From what I heard, Kate Henshaw had a face-off with the management of the series somehow....and she got sacked! fine! I believe it is a slap on the face of the Nigerian arts if a Nigerian could be sacked from such a set and nothing is done.I know Kate to be a disciplined actress with clean records. A christian for that matter.Someone should tell the south african producer not to come and bullshit us here....They can as well keep their money and do their casting in South Africa...Some Nigerians on that set see themselves as being favoured ..They swallowed their pride for the shortlived cash they are making from the programme. What happens after the shoot? someone should tell me.kate, Kalu, Bimbo Akintola,Funmi Aofiyebi,and a few other original cast...kudos to you made me proud. I love your moves....Let no South African come and rubbish our integrity on our own soil. I hope the series will live up to expectations. By and large, I wish you all the best.

Orikinla Osinachi said...

Anonymous, you are right.