Friday, December 09, 2005

SURMA:The Sexiest Girl On Earth


Surma is a native of the Surma tribe in Ethiopia.
Remember Ethiopia? The land of the celebrated biblical Queen of Sheba who inspired King Solomon to compose the Song of Solomon.

First of all, go and read the Song of Solomon in the Holy Bible and you will understand the beauty of this classic exotic and romantic African maiden from Surma, Ethiopia.

The photograph was taken my contact foto_morgana who is from Belgium.
And the photographs have generated many comments and I have to publish my own responses. You can read the other comments from other bloggers.


As an artist who has done studies in anatomy, I don't see anything offensive in the natural depiction of this native maiden who in most cases go topless even in our villages in Africa.

She is not even erotic.

She is classic and exotic.

This native maiden should be recommended for international modeling career. She is a classic black beauty.

She reminds me of my ex-girlfriend Chinwe the first time I saw her topless.

I am saving the picture as a screensaver.

God bless.

Orikinla Osinachi.

Okay I have the white version of topless maidens, so that we can post them to balance the racial equation.

If they were white, then the photographer would not be racist.
But, if they were black, the photographer must be racist?
What if the photographer is as black as the Surma people?

I was recently in a village in Akwa Ibom in South Eastern Nigeria and I have a video of village girls and boys bathing naked in the river.

If I post them, would that be racist?

God bless.

Orikinla Osinachi.

Ndesanjo Macha,
Your analysis is more rational.

I don't see things in black and white.
I see things in a million and one ways.

I did not see a racist depiction of native African nudity, but a professional photographer who captured the exotic innocence of an African tribe still living in the state of nature.

The tribalism in Africa is as horrible and terrible as the racism in America, Europe, Australia and Asia. From The Holocaust of World War Two to the holocaust of the Rwanda Genocide, evil is evil whether black or white.

I don't see things in black and white.
I see things in right or wrong.

What I saw was all geography.

God bless.

Now what is the difference between the topless boy and the topless girl above?

The photographer took several shots of the natives of Surma, but the only one that the critics singled out was the one of my black and beautiful Surma, simply for the apparent reason. Her virgin breasts. They said it was an offensive depiction of the African. What is offensive? My darling Surma's innocent boobs or what?

Well, Surma is not posing for the Playboy, Playgirl or Playmate. And I will not even permit it.

In case, you are interested in asking for the hands of Surma in marriage, see me behind the camera of foto_morgana. All the parents will ask for as the bride price will be 40 cows.

For modeling career, please contact me as well. Surma is the next Imam or Waris Dirie.


Anthony Arojojoye said...

NIce tits

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Actually virgin tits.

Want to marry her?
40 cows only. And you can take her home.

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Ehm....wait...lemme ask my mama first.
I hope she's not Ijebu or Calabar oh! 'Cos if she is, she's disqualified herself.

Anonymous said...

i like the picture

Anonymous said...

That photo was taken 5 yrs ago. Anyone know what happened to her? She had ( and probabaly still has) a graceful, beautiful body. Hopefully, her pretty face hasn't since been ruined by a lip plate!

we buy houses cash said...

May be any person wanted to marry him she is very ugly girl.
In the world man always choose his life partner first like her life style then decide which one is good for his life.

Anonymous said...

I have NO idea what the last commenter was talking about. all I wanted to know before was, after 5 plus years, I wonder if that girl is still cute or has she succumbed to her tribe's practice of putting in alip plate. Perhaps Orikla Osinach, who seemed to take a special interest in her, may know.

Anonymous said...

I mispelled Orikinla Osinachi's name before.I guess that's why I got no response. Now that he knows that I was referring to him, maybe he'll respond to my prior post re; any updated info about " Surma".

Michael Chima Ekenyerengozi said...

It is a tongue-in-cheek post.