Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The world famous Italian Designer Gianfranco Ferre has chosen the ever beautiful and wonderful Julia Roberts who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood and in the world as the New Face of Ferre.

Gianfranco Ferre seems to have fallen in love with Julia as his testimony of her unique qualities shows his great appreciation for the nursing mother of twins Hazel and Phinnaeus.
"My source of inspiration is modern-day reality, women who live in today's world. Yet there are some who better than others match my own purely personal ideal of femininity. In the now so multifaceted real m of glamour and allure, both as a woman and as a personality Julia Roberts in my eyes reflects a total affinity with this ideal of mine," Ferre told Fashion Wire Daily.

"What enchants me most are her presence and manner, her way of being energetic and calm at the same time and her naturally aristocratic self-possession," Ferre added.

"I love her smile; open, direct, inviting and at the same time captivatingly shy. And I adore her vitality, her natural ease, and her free spirit. Everything about her makes her the authentic Ferre woman."

Magazine ads featuring Roberts will run everywhere except the United States beginning in February, People magazine reported.

By tapping Roberts, Ferre has changed his strategy of using models to sell his wares.

Julia Roberts is the actress I love most since I have been watching movies. And I call her "Iya Ibeji" the Yoruba name for a mother of twins.

I have the best pictures of Julia Roberts in one collectionn that even the New York Times cannot boast of.

Two thumbs to you Julie Baby!

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