Monday, December 19, 2005

War of Words Against Gays.

Homosexuality has more strange bedfellows in the Western world than anywhere else on earth. And in Africa, homosexuality is seen as the worst abnormality of human depravity of the worst notoriety and monstrosity. There is nothing civilized about homosexuality. We regard it as bestial, uncivilized and even demonic and satanic. We regard gays as either the lunatic fringe or people possessed by demons. My gay friend told me not to say it in public. And other gays must not be accepted or tolerated and the rejection of gays has actually helped us to discourage and prevent more people from homosexuality. For the acceptance and tolerance of gays encourage gays to continue in their sexual perversions and also encourage others to become gays.

An open opposition to homosexuality is regarded as an open confrontation against gays in America. The acceptance and support for Gay Rights made the Americablog popular and is now the most popular Gay Rights blog in America.

But do Gays need Special Rights?
The Rights for what?
If they believe that they are justified, then they can go on with their chosen way of life without making it a public affair.

Gay Rights have only exposed them to more public ridicule, stigma and trauma. Because, their private lives have become public lives and it is wrong.
Like fornicators and adulterers asking for special rights to carry on with their lives.

I mean why should what you do in intimacy in your privacy be my business?
You want to fxxk? Fxxk!
Who ever you choose to fxxk is your fxxking business.
And be ready to roll in your fxxking mess.

But I will still say the truth that premarital sex or fornication is responsible for the uncountable cases of unwanted pregnancies and millions of abortions in the world

Homosexuality is not good for your health and gays suffer from untold psychological and physical persecutions, depression, dejection and rejection. And their burden of guilty makes them to take to drug abuse and other abuses.

Adultery has destroyed countless marriages and families leading to broken homes and causing increase in crimes as cheaters are in danger of being harmed or even killed by vengeful partners and their children suffer the grave consequences of broken marriages and broken homes.

I can tell you a million and one reasons why fornication, adultery and homosexuality and other negative High Risk behaviours are wrong and destroying the love, justice, peace, stability, security and unity in our society. And these reasons are enough to denounce and renounce such harmful perversions.

As you can see I am not preaching any holy writ? So, this is not a biblical point of view.It is a rational point of view. Let us call a spade a spade. What is bad is bad. Finis.

"There are those in the world who would replace freedom and democracy with gay marriages," Mr. Bush said in his speech from the White House. "This will not stand."
"It cannot be supported by scripture, it is against reason. It is against nature. So we in the global south stand against it," Archbishop Akinola said.

As one Anglican, Chimae Ikegwuru of Port Harcourt, put it: "Homosexuality is a Western thing. In Nigeria we don't condone it, we don't tolerate it."

In Nigeria, the criminal code bans acts "against the order of nature," and imposes sentences of up to 14 years for those convicted. In practice, gay men are often arrested and jailed until they can bribe their jailers to let them go. In areas of Nigeria that adhere to Islamic law, Shariah, the sentence for homosexual acts is death.


Anonymous said...

Hello Boggywoggy.
Well.Well.Unsure if this is some sort of 'post-ironic' discussion group or real.
Modern life is confusing for all ain't it.But if this site is American then the likelihood of it being a serious discussion, then i'm broke.
What i like is a dick up my arse, and a man cumming over my face.
Cum on that xxxx

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Exactly as you put it.
I like being blunt and not hiding my thoughts in the closet.

Hypocrisy has done us more harm than good.

I have friends who are gays. But, I denounce their irrational way of life.

There is a woman for every man.

Gays are responsible for the thousands of single women in the world. Because, when men marry their fellow men, who will marry the women meant for them?

Anthony Arojojoye said...

They should pass them to Africa:D .
We know how to treat women well. In fact, some have more than one woman.
One man's meat is another man's poison.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

In fact, many of their single ladies have been contacting me and I am thinking of becoming a polygamist out of sympathy for them. Ten white women should be enough for my "AfinOba" palace here in Nigeria. And God has blessed me with the manhood to satisfy them all. No shaking!