Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Of Political Pundits, Blog Bandits and Political Paladins

Now, in reality, the world have paid too great a compliment to critics, and have imagined them to be men of much greater profundity then they really are.
- Henry Fielding

One of the best (and worse) things about blogging is it opens up a world of self-publishing potential to a lone poster with a computer, an internet connection and - hopefully - something to say.
-Simon Jeffery / World news


Majority of the over 21 million blogs did not blog about WTO Talks in Hong Kong, because most bloggers are clueless about the real issues of Free Trade.

The blogosphere is like the Wembley where the stadium is filled with soccer fans who make so much hue and cry over the match, but only few can actually play soccer.

Most bloggers are armchair-quarterbacks and they love to gossip about their closets and rant about "IMPEACH BUSH" and share tips on SEOs so that they can make more cents from their Google AdSense pay-by-click Ads. And to them ignorance is bliss.

C'mon, don't tell me you don't know that most of the bloggers are jokers.

Every blogger is a pundit or another copycat.

The Tsuanami Blogs, the Katrina Blogs, the Gay Rights Blog, etc.

And all fornicators and gays are the same sinners (including BoggyWoggy who loves topless babes.)

I have said it before and I repeat it again.

Why is it only the woman that is always caught in Adultery?
What of the man?
Did he escape?

If you are going to stone the woman, you must also stone the man.

The UNITED NATIONS is watching while they are still stoning harmless, helpless and powerless women to death in Pakistan and other countries, because they were caught in Adultery? And the men were not stoned and the UNITED NATIONS is gaping and moping like a ZOMBIE?


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