Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Who is Forking Whom?

I was watching a gay couple on the CNN telling viewers about their marriage.
And I was feeling very sorry for the two queer men.

They looked funny and nervous even though they were doing their best to look bold and shameless. But, they were still pathetic.

The way Americans treat marriage makes nonsense of the holy matrimony. Because, marriage has lost it's sacred values in the American society.

You see American women discussing divorce as if they are talking about ordinary High Scool puppy love affairs. And they are very shameless when they are talking about their past marriages.

"When I was still married to my first husband. Before I married my second husband...bla bla bla."

Are these people serious?

Millions of them marry for erroneous reasons.
Mostly for sexual lust mistaken for love. And they are so irresponsible in their marriage.

That is why they are now wedding gays when gays should be referred to the nearest counselling sessions. Because, no matter the human rights you give gays, they will still be seen as queer fellows in every community. Because, the fact is, it is abnormal to see a man mating with a fellow man. IT IS ABNORMAL. Or to see a woman punishing herself saying she is making love to a fellow woman.

There is no difference between a gay and a lunatic poking a dog.

Except I am insane! God forbid!


Felix Adebayo said...

Lets face it, those gay fellows need to pass through a session of Deliverance Prayers.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I am actually blunt about sodomy.
I had a friend who was gay until he died. He knew it was wrong. He told me it was his problem. And I prayed for him before he died.I gave him tapes and books from Pastor Olukoya of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles.