Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Your Wife Or Your Life?

Armed robbers in Nigeria love raping girls and women during their diabolical operations. And so many wives have been raped by these heartless and ruthless armed robbers.

I have never heard of any husband killed whilst trying to defend his wife. And many of them were made to watch as their wives were raped right before their very eyes.
So, the fact is these husbands love their lives more than their wives.

I know a former campus beauty queen in Nigeria who was raped by armed robbers a year after her wedding. She was seeing me before she got married.

She ran away from her boyfriend who was maltreating her and took refuge in my house. The guy and his gang asked me to give her up. I refused. I moved her to my uncle's residence, because it was safer. The guy came after her. And my cousin who was also a body builder like the guy warned the bully to keep off or he would be dealt with the same brutal way he was dealing with the ex-girlfriend. And he reported the matter to my elder brother. My family appealed to me to surrender the girl and I refused until she left.

Later, she got married. But unfortunately, she was raped by the armed robbers who invaded their home. She felt bad and sad. And to worsen her predicament, the husband stopped loving her and they separated.

Was it her fault that she was raped?
Why did the husband reject her when she needed him most?
Did he not vow "For better or for worse" at their wedding?


Felix Adebayo said...

It seems senseless to me for the husband to leave the wife just because armed robbers raped her. After all, it was not the wife's fault that she was raped.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I did not communicate with her to find out the agonies of their trauma.

The husband could be confused.