Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sensation of Temptation. 2.

I was sitting in church last Sunday. And sitting by my side was the “Sunday- Sunday temptation” I mentioned in my first post on “Sensation of Temptation”. She has not left me. And the way she looks up at me as I walk tall shows that she has something on her mind. As I am writing this, my crotch is bulging. And it happens anytime, I think of her. As I said before, only God can save me from this temptation. We sat like a couple and she was carrying her two year old nephew whilst his parents were inside the main building of the church keeping their eyes on their pretty daughter who was the little bride at sister Lillian’s wedding last Sunday at the Assemblies of God Church. And it was the birthday of my darling Nneka who is far away in Lagos. She would be disappointed that I did not show up as I promised. I couldn’t miss Lillian’s wedding. Lillian is like a sister to me and I helped her on the Internet to correspond with her Dutch employers who returned to the Netherlands last year. They came back to attend her wedding. And gave her so much. Enough home making goods that any woman needs to be a good homemaker.

The temptation loved the intimacy that was developing. But, when the wedding ceremony was becoming boring, I stood and told her I was leaving. She gasped. I left without looking back. She would be wondering why I would leave a wedding ceremony even before the exchange of the matrimonial vows. I told Lillian that I would be at her wedding and I kept my promise. The rest is history.

I feel like dating this young babe to satisfy her curiosity. What do you think?
Should we roll tape?


Nneka's World said...

it looks like you are battling some demons or something with the opposite sex. So what can you really say is your greatest fear?

The fist thing you would have to do is to look inside yourself and find out what you really want from this person:
Is it just the act of sexual fufilment or you want to be with her?

Do you think she would match u intellectually or mentally or physically?
Talk to her and find out what she wants from you, it might be she just wants to be friends or wants a relationship with you.

If you find out that you cannot date a younger girl look for someone your age, or do you practice : The younger the better?

Felix Adebayo said...

It's not worth it.
Since you are already acquainted with the parents or relatives of this young lady, you have so much to lose with little or nothing to gain.

If you must play away match, then play one that is far from home.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Don't mind me.

I am only confessing my sins here.

These are all my confessions of the passions of my heart and soul.

I can ignore her forever.

My spirit is stronger than my flesh.