Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Case of JonBenet Ramsey and Other Tragedies

JonBenet Ramsey (Courtesy of the Washington Post)
This harrowing tragedy of the JonBenet Ramsey is just one out thousands of the most gruesome horrible and terrible atrocities going on around us as I have once blogged on the dangers of our ignorance.

JonBenet, a regular participant in child beauty contests, was found beaten and strangled in the family home the day after Christmas in 1996. Male DNA residue was found in her underwear, but police never reported a match for the sample.
Washington Post

In another tragic case, a child was raped and murdered in the public toilet while members of her family were nearby outside the toilet. How did the male predator find his way into the female toilet?

What of the rape and murder of helpless and powerless girls in Guatemala City?

Police found that the Ramsey family had given more than a dozen keys to the house -- to maids, workmen and others. Scores of neighbors and family friends were interviewed.
Washington Post

Why would they do such a foolish thing as quoted above? Distributing a dozen keys to strangers? Even maids are strangers? Because, you don't know what evils they do behind your back! Do you know how many children have been abused and violated by housemaids, neighbours and even tutors whilst their parents were not paying attention or absent?

When God warned us not to trust anyone, he wasn't joking.
You cannot trust anybody with your child, wife or husband.

I hold parents and the law enforcement agencies and the government responsible for these preventable crimes.

We must keep eyes on our children and women 24/7. And we must police our residential areas 24/7.

Ignorance kills.

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