Tuesday, October 17, 2006

African Village Honeymoon Lodge

Won't you love to have your honeymoon in this exotic African Village Lodge?
It's a duplex with an evergreen Garden; Has an attached BQ

In case you even want to buy it, make an offer.
The owner is re-locating to Ijebu for chieftancy duties.
It's quite cheap - N850k.
Convert the N850k to USD.

Oh, please! Don't laugh it off.
It is not funny.


Anonymous said...


It's your friend in North Carolina.

I'm wondering what you think of the pop singer Madonna's swooping in to adopt young Malawian David?

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Dear Buddy in NC,
The baby boy is a motherless child and the father is very poor and nobody came to help them until good natured Madonna came to their rescue. So all those protesting against the adoption are wrong.

God answered the prayers of the family of the Malawian baby boy. And Madonna is their God sent angel.

I am an orphan and how I wish Madonna can adopt me too.
Any rich and famous celebrity looking for a big Man-child to adopt?

I am waiting!

God bless you my friend.

Who knows?
Anonymous could be an angel in disguise!

Anonymous said...

Ah, orikinla,

I keep meaning to adopt you but keep forgetting. I would be a terrible mother!

Usually if I search google for "boggy woggy" I find you first, but this week it's not like that. Strange!