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Lawyers for Family Say Witness Who Changed Story in Notorious B.I.G. Case Clearly Lied About Pay-Off Offer

Lawyers for Family Say Witness Who Changed Story in Notorious B.I.G. Case Clearly Lied About Pay-Off Offer

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ --

Documents filed in Federal court here today by the estate of murdered rap superstar Christopher Wallace (better known as the Notorious B.I.G.) show that convicted murderer Waymond Anderson was "committing demonstrable perjury" -- that is, clearly lying -- when he accused the Wallace family; its lead attorney, Perry R. Sanders, Jr.; and several other individuals of witness tampering in connection with their wrongful death lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles.

In a 20-plus-page motion, the Wallace estate asked for access to Anderson's phone and prison-visitation records for the last ten years, arguing that these records will reveal who and what was behind Anderson's "wholesale assault on the truth" -- and in the process "shed light" on who was responsible for Wallace's still unsolved murder.

Anderson made what the motion calls his "outrageous under-oath allegations" in an August 20, 2007, deposition in which he unexpectedly recanted previous statements he had made to Los Angeles Police Department investigators long before the Wallace estate sued the city. His prior statements implicated former LAPD officers Rafael Perez and David Mack in Wallace's murder.

Anderson also claimed in the deposition that he and a fellow inmate named Kenneth Boagni who was serving time with him at Corcoran state prison personally participated in conversations with Perry Sanders and LAPD officers Russell Poole and Ya-May Christle, in which they supposedly conspired to falsely implicate LAPD officers in the murder.

Today's filing includes certified prison records that prove none of this could possibly be true since the only time Anderson and Bogani were at Corcoran together -- and thus could have had such conversations -- was between Feb 27 and June 20, 2001. During that time period, none of the people Anderson accused of being part of the "scam" had anything to do with the Wallace case.

Indeed, as the official court record shows, there was no Wallace lawsuit during this time period and the estate had not even hired an attorney. Perry Sanders wasn't hired by the Wallace family until July 2001, and the estate's civil suit was not filed until 2002. Moreover, Officer Poole had retired in 1999 and Officer Christle didn't start working on the Wallace case until 2005.

Anderson also testified in the August 20 deposition that he witnessed Bogani and another inmate, Mario Hammonds, conspiring at Corcoran to make up stories tying Perez, Mack, and former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight to the murder. Time-dated documents and statements attached to today's filing belie this claim, since they show that both Boagni and Hammonds gave such statements to the LAPD long before Feb 27, 2001, the earliest Anderson could have witnessed such a conspiracy.

In short, none of the individuals named by Anderson was in a position to do what he claims they did at the time he claims they did it. As the filing notes, "Although it is typically difficult to prove a negative, Anderson provided an empirical time line that allows Plaintiffs to do so."

The filing also makes a case for third-party involvement in Anderson's "wholesale" perjury. "It seems clear that Anderson's outrageous under-oath allegations about innocent people were intended to intimidate the victims of his perjury and to attempt to provide a defamation-proof vehicle for wide dissemination of lies in the media in a way so as to negatively affect public sentiment and the jury pool," the filing notes. "Anderson alone has no such obvious motive, which ... indicates third-party involvement."

And it adds: "The things Plaintiffs and Plaintiffs' counsel have had to endure in this litigation go beyond the pale of what anyone engaged in civil litigation should have to endure while availing themselves of their constitutional rights of access to a Federal Court."

Source: Perry Sanders

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amirabu said...

Wayman Anderson is a ball face liar,who has a life sentence and nothing better to do with his life, other than make up stories and talk about matters he has no knowledge of the time i spent with him at corchran state prison everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. maybe when the reality sets in that he'll never get out of prison maybe than he'll start doing something positive with his chicken shit life.

amir abu haqq shabazz (aka)mario hammonds "the real o.g."