Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sorry Oprah, Obama is Not the Man

The leadership of America is more than a TV Talk Show and we are not going to be swayed by any pep talk based on myopic racial sentiments. American voters are not dummies, because they are more intelligent than Oprah Winfrey thinks.

Sorry Oprah, Obama is Not the Man

Why are you swaying your hips behind Senator Barack Obama?
Is because he is black or what?

Oprah can sway millions of her TV viewers to watch her TV Show, because it is entertainment, but Oprah cannot sway millions of American voters to vote for an African-American man who thinks a woman cannot lead America?

Lest we forget, Oprah Winfrey once misled millions of her fans into buying and reading a fake book!


david said...

orikinla, you are ridiculous. You claim Obama is not fit to be president because he thinks a woman shld not be president? What did you expect him to say? of course as long as a woman (hilary) is president he cant be! Its that simple.

Anonymous said...

Orikinla you are correct! If Hilary said he should not be president because he is half black- Wow- that would be war! But its fine for him to say a sexist remark. It is ok because he is messing up. There are more women in this country then men- He just LOST!!!!!