Monday, December 24, 2007

The Most Overpaid Celebrities

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008 to you all.

As the year 2007 is about to end, it is good to review how we have fared since January to date and see how much we have achieved. The Forbes feature on
"The Most Overpaid Celebrities" is worth reading and hoping that you are going to be as successful as you wish in your own chosen career.


Los Angeles - Once you’re in Hollywood's A-list earnings club, it’s hard to get kicked out, no matter how badly your films perform at the box office.

Case in point: Oscar winner Nicole Kidman. She earned an estimated $15 million for her latest film, The Golden Compass, known around the studio lot these days as the biggest turkey of 2007. It grossed a dreary $26 million when it debuted stateside last weekend, though its reported budget flirted with $200 million. (That's Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings territory.) The film garnered a respectable $55 million overseas since its release, but it's unlikely the international box office will salvage this expensive pic.

Click Here To See In Pictures: The Most Overpaid Celebrities

Cheers and God bless.


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