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Obama/Clinton/McCain 'Naked' Video Sweeping the Nation!

7 Jun 2008 10:00 Africa/Lagos

Obama/Clinton/McCain 'Naked' Video Sweeping the Nation!
Animated video hits front page of MySpace

Pop sensation Al Walser, through his recording label 'Liechtenstein Kingdom,' releases the new single that has America buzzing!
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LOS ANGELES, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Thousands of Americans take a first look at what life might look like with Obama and Clinton together in the White House on social website, MySpace.
Fans of Barack Obama and supporters of Hillary Clinton have finally come together celebrating the Democratic Dream Ticket through music on the Internet.

The controversial videoclip, a sort of "Dream Ticket gone wild" interpretation, depicts the presidential nominees as animated characters commanding, dancing and singing together to promote the one theme all of America agrees on.

The catchy song "Naked," with its surprising cameo appearances from cartoon candidates, has already had thousands of views within its first hours of release alone, and is expected to be seen by over a million Internet users by the end of next week. Due to heavy fan demands, MySpaceTv and HOLLYWOOD.TV announced today that they will feature the video on their frontpages throughout this entire weekend. HOLLYWOOD.TV founder Sheeraz Hasan: "This has got to be the funniest music video I have seen this year!"

The video is a response from impatient fans that have been waiting for Senator Clinton and Senator Obama to stop debating each other and come together as one democratic powerhouse. As Fox News reported (,2933,354680,00.html), Clinton was offered 1 million dollars to appear in one of Al Walser's upcoming music videos last month. As she mulled over the idea, fans put out this bootleg video with an animated Clinton and Obama, giving us a glimpse of what life could be like in Washington for the next four years if the Dream Team ticket is elected into office.

Al Walser, a Goodwill Ambassador to the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein and its country's first bi-racial citizen, has been generating a lot of buzz in the U.S. bringing him into constant contact with high profile celebrities and politicians such as Obama and Clinton. Al Walser is quickly surpassing celebrities in Internet searches on popular sites such as YouTube, iTunes, and MySpace. The club hit "Naked," was officially released worldwide last week.

Source: Liechtenstein Kingdom

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