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Elvis Presley Is Still #1

15 Aug 2008 11:00 Africa/Lagos

Elvis Presley Is Still #1

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- On the eve of the thirty-first anniversary of his passing, Elvis Presley holds a commanding lead in the voting for's Greatest Rock Artist of All-Time. Presley, who easily out-polled Pearl Jam (2006 winner) and Nirvana (2005 winner) last year could become the first artist to top the survey twice.

Presley, rock n' roll's first superstar, set the bar -- and set it high. With talent to burn and charisma that has never been matched, Presley's catalog continues to log impressive sales worldwide. That his career was able to survive over a dozen bad movies and a slew of toss-off late-70's concert albums is a true testament to his talent and enduring appeal.

Trailing Presley in the voting are Led Zeppelin (#2), Green Day (#3), The Beatles (#4) and Nirvana (#5). Evanescence and My Chemical Romance have a few hundred vote lead over the Rolling Stones who are currently 10th on the list. Over 69,000 votes have been cast for 63 groups or solo acts -- only Presley has garnered more than 10% of the ballots.

"The Top 5 is a pretty eclectic group," said Mark Clinton,'s manager. "There's the King of Rock n' Roll, the Hammer of the Gods, Punk, the Fab Four and Grunge. Rock's breath and scope is encapsulated right there."

Fans are allowed to vote once a day through the New Year's Eve deadline with the annual winner announced on New Year's Day. Voters must be members but membership is free. Rock fans can go to to register and vote. is also polling fans for the Best Artist of 2008. This award goes to a group/performer that has released an album of original material in the past 12 months. Currently, Puddle Of Mudd (for "Famous") leads the voting., an entertainment site, chronicles rock's history from the beginning to the present with over 750 artist bios and a daily rundown of key events in rock history (Today In Rock). Rock fans can exchange views, find like-minded enthusiasts, lobby for favorite bands and review albums in the RockinForum.

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