Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Britney's Tearful Tête-à-Tête?

Did Brit make a teen actress cry? Plus, a romance rundown with Ryan and Rachel, the latest on Jen and Vince and much more …

Aug. 29, 2005

Britney Spears: protective big sister or hormonal buttinsky? According to the New York Post, the soon-to-pop star took time out of her busy schedule of growing the spawn of Kevin Federline and picking out the ugliest maternity clothes ever to make a young girl cry.

The waterworks allegedly took place last week when the Britster swung by the set of little sister Jamie Lynn's hit Nickelodeon show "Zoey 101" and had a stern sit-down with 13-year-old actress Alexa Nikolas, who has been on the outs with her doppelganger sibling.

A "Zoey" mole tattles to the paper that Spears, 23, had the co-star summoned to Jamie Lynn's trailer, "where she proceeded to scream that Alexa was an 'evil little girl' and that she had better watch herself or she 'will never work in this town again!'"

Such bullying behavior sure doesn't sound like the baby-talk-prone Britney we know and love to poke fun at, but the source continues, "Alexa was in tears. She was sobbing and totally upset -- I mean, she has been buying Britney CDs since she was 6, and then Britney tears her to pieces? It was totally uncalled for ... And the fight was a petty, 13-year-old thing between Alexa and Jamie Lynn, who is becoming a real pest. Britney should have stayed out of it."

A rep for the Spears sisters admits a gab session occurred between the teen and the pregnant pop tartlet, but insists that a concerned Britney was merely playing peacemaker.

"Jamie Lynn and another girl on set were having problems, as 13-year-olds do," the spokeswoman explains the paper. "Britney did have words with the girl, but felt she was sticking up for her sister. She did not yell by any means, she just gave the girl a sisterly talking-to and wondered why they just couldn't all get along."

Speaking of Britney and blubbering teens, Us Weekly says there were some crushed tykes at her performing arts camp in Massachusetts after she once again failed to put in an end-of-summer appearance (Spears was also a no-show last year, ostensibly because of her knee injury).

The camp "is just a tax break for Britney," a source sneers to the mag. "She doesn't care about disappointing the kids."

Not true, counters a Spears confidante, who offers up a very reasonable explanation for her absence: "She loves that place, but she is about to give birth and can't fly across the country!" Brit, rumored to be expecting a boy who may or may not be named Preston, is said to be due in the next month or so.

Meanwhile, Britney seems to have blocked out any bad associations she may have with Las Vegas, the scene of her drive-by nuptials to childhood chum Jason Alexander (who, come to think of it, really isn't looking so bad at this point).

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports she's moving forward with talks to follow in the high-heeled footsteps of Celine Dion and Elton John by becoming a "long-term" headline act in Sin City, perhaps by 2007 or 2008.

And finally, Christina Aguilera is steamed that the tabloids think she has nothing better to do than take potshots at her onetime rival. The cotton-candy-coiffed chanteuse is firing back at recent reports in which she was quoted as saying Mrs. Federline has "let herself go" and she didn't see "a comeback in the cards."

"It's really sad to see that some tabloid magazines still have to manufacture ill will between Britney and me," Aguilera declared on her Web site (via MTV). "We are both grown-ups and have the utmost respect for each other personally and professionally. If certain journalists want to throw their integrity out the window by spreading false information, then so be it. But I'm not falling for their lies and neither should my fans or Britney's."

And just so there's no question about her warm-fuzzy feelings towards the Federlines, the pint-sized belter adds, "May they be blessed with continued success and future happiness."

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