Monday, March 06, 2006

Gisele Bundchen and Linda Ikeji

Gisele Bundchen

Anybody who knows about the most popular celebrities in the world should know Gisele Bundchen, the stunning Brazilian brunette, with her tanned limbs, perfect curves and piercing ocean-blue eyes, who has brought glamour and sex appeal back to the fashion industry since Naomi Campbell.

But, who has heard of Linda Ikeji, the sultry dark and lovely and sexy highest paid model in Nigeria?
Linda Ikeji

One on one, I will bet my one million dollars that Linda is hotter than Gisele and put both of them on the runway, Linda will outshine Gisele in her catwalk.
Linda is also more intellectual in her ambitions with the maiden edition of her Fashion, Modeling and Beauty (FM&B)Magazine to be launched in London and she has written books to be published very soon.

Both Gisele and Linda were born in 1980. While Gisele went straight into modeling from age 14, Linda finished high school and went straight to Lagos City College and moved on to the University of Lagos and graduated in 2001. She was modeling whilst she was in school. A year after graduation, Linda establsihed her Black Dove Models and Events Agency in Lagos.

The bottomline is after modeling, what's next for Gisele?
My best advice for her is that she should go to Hollywood and become an actress. Gisele should succeed where Naomi failed in acting.


Anonymous said...

Linda is finer than Gisele!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I reserve my comments.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Giselle made $30 million dollars last year, she is reported to be worth over $150 million dollars. How much did your beloved Linda make with her college education, books blah blah? He he..

Anonymous said...

Last comment ...harsh but very true
I don't think Gisele will starve even if she stopped working today, can the same be said for Linda right now?? Doubt it.. Besides why compare them? I don't see where they merge at all..

Anonymous said...

both of them grow up in a different environment remember, different country, if they should turn the table, do you guy know how it will look like.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO.who wrote this biased and unbalanced article.ha 9ja writers.notin wrong wit d comparism but the whole linda fine pass and blabla bla jst showd dat he or shes a friend or fan of linda&was totally it was unbalanced.wat was d message,linda is the best,giselle shld act,naomi is crap.dats d bad tin abt blogging...just anybody can write...Gbenga

Anonymous said...

You must be kidding, Gisele is the highest paid model in fashion history. She is bilionaire, don't think she will have any problems when she stops modeling...