Friday, March 03, 2006

The Trial of the Pedophile

JUDGE: Are you married?
JUDGE: Happily or unhappily married?
PROPHET: Happily married with 13 wives.
JUDGE: Then, why did you rape a 9 year old girl?
PROPHET: She is my wife. How can I rape my own wife?
JUDGE: You mean you married a 9 year old girl?
JUDGE: And her parents agreed?
PROPHET: Yes. In fact, they gave her to me when she was only 6 years old.
JUDGE:(wide-eyed)When she was only 6?!
PROPHET:(chuckling)Yes. It was ordained by divine commission. I saw her in my vision. I am a Prophet.
JUDGE: That you should marry a 6 year old girl and rape her at 9?
PROPHET: I did not rape her! I only made love to her!
JUDGE: How old are you?
PROPHET: 54 years old.
( The judge suddenly suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed.)

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