Thursday, April 13, 2006


So, "Big Brother Nigeria" will give the winner $100,000.
For what achievement?
For being idle in a compound for 90 days?

Guinness the major sponsor should go and see the state of toilets, libraries and laboratories in Nigerian universities and know how to invest money wisely.

If you go to our universities, you will weep for our students. And these are the future leaders of Nigeria being treated with such indignity!

Share the $100,000 among the most accomplished Nigerian Students in Nigerian higher institutions or use the money to equip one of the laboratories.

Give Seun $100,000 and see what he will do with that money to take Nigeria to another level online.

Instead of us to copy the geniuses of the developed countries like the brains behind Google and sponsor their projects, we are fooling ourselves spending over N50 million on some idle young men and women daydreaming in a compound and being watched by equally idle people for 24/7.

No wonder Nigeria is still among the poorest countries and the fifth most uneducated in the world.

Millions of Nigerians online are doing Internet scams and the others are idle watching some more idle ones acting "Big Brother Nigeria" on TV.

The developed countries you are aping can afford such pleasures, because they have achieved a lot.
What have you achieved?

The foreign brains behind it are just fooling you all.
They have nothing to lose. They have done their homework. While you are busy watching "Big Brother Nigeria", they are busy working round the clock exploiting Nigeria through GSM Telecommunications, Oil explorations and other mega business deals in Nigeria.
While you are getting poorer, they are getting richer.

What is going on in Nigeria is GIGO.
Garbage in, garbage out.


david said...

yeah, more money down the drain while genuine intelligent indigent students drop out of our schools daily because they cannot afford the fees of a few thousand.
Big Brother indeed! If those youths were gainfully employed, none of them would be on big brother nigeria!

Anonymous said...

nicely said.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

We must wake up in Nigeria and face or realities instead of being fooled by our fantasies.

May God help us.

Chippla Vandu said...

Well said.

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Tell them Oriki.
You know as typical Nigerians, there are some parts of our culture that are detrimental to our progress.
You do know that people won't help you when you have a good business idea and you need to borrow money from them to executive. They simply do not have. But tell them you wanna do rememberance of your grandfather's sister who died 15 yrs ago & they'll fish the money out.
Much of our upbringing tells us that the best way to live a good life is to lazy around and just do nothing. Nobody wants to work hard to create wealth. Even if they do, they look for something useless to drain the wealth.
The mantra is ' We met it in the world, we'll leave it here'. So why worry. Chop while you can.
As for me sha, on the days I'm not working & want to unwind, I just call my lil sister cousin and tune to big brother. She'll jist me the update of the ones I've missed and we'll continue from there. She's a very useful Tivo when it comes to that.
The idea is not totally useless, at least it helps some people pass away time when needed.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Please, I need a sponsor for "Big Sister".

Can you pull some strings for me?

God bless.

Monica said...

I dont see what point you are trying to make. Big Brother is a successful reality TV program. It is successful because people watch it. People watch it because they enjoy it. The state of schools and toilets is not the responsibility of a private company. That is why we have a government.

And this nonesense about given somebody $100k and watch him take Nigeria to another level. Are you for real? Who is this person? (seun)

Nigeria isn't backwards because of reality TV shows, it is backwards because people refuse to identify and stand up to the real problem. Bad leadership.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

You need some more intellectual enlightenment to be able to understand my point of view.

See the brainchild of Seun

Anyway, how was your Easter?

God bless.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong in sponsoring bbn or d programme itself.Who's dis seun ? don't b envy my bro.It's a fun of fortune for d fortune one of us.Anyway, I personally see it as a spirit and couragement of oneliness,peace and progress.
pal Tee-Ebi Jemine