Sunday, April 09, 2006

Smart Alec Novelist Dan Brown Out With Another

First course, read The DAN BROWN CODE
Jokes aside, Dan Brown is a good adventure novelist like Bisi Ojediran of Nigeria. But, it is easier to become a bestselling writer in America and Europe than anywhere else on earth, because, most Americans and Europeans love escapism.

Ready for some full of conspiracy theories involving George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and other Founding Fathers of the USA?

Then get ready for the next Robert Langdon thriller by Dan Brown which will be set in the nation's capital.

Its plot is built around the murders of several current political leaders by someone with ties to the Freemasons, the secretive fraternity that included some of the Founding Fathers.


Wally Banners said...

lmao funny pic :)

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

That is the Dan Brown Liza.

Adeleke said...

Very good take. Very useful for prespective. Errorists wl always screech their core against iconic figures to exploit. Many thanks for cutting thru to the ruse.