Monday, April 03, 2006

Holding Your Book For the First Time!

by Andy Wibbels

It is strange holding your book in your hands for the first time.
I’ve directed and written many plays and that is always a very public unveiling - and a bit more maddening. WIth a play, you have to sit in the audience while the play (possibly) falls to shit in front of you, all while everyone in the audience is watching you during the play. Kind of like how the President feels when he attends a play (not that he ever does). With a play, your final goodbye (the final rehearsal) and the big unveiling (opening night) are usually 24 hours apart. Directors are in it for the process.
With a book, the final goodbye (the final set of revisions hastily faxed at 2am in the morning from a coffin-quiet Kinko’s) and the big unveiling were nearly four months apart. And it is a private matter - no one sees you and you don’t get to witness and audience enjoying your work. I almost waited for Ron to come in so we could open the package of books together but thought, no I want to savor this myself.Let me tell you more...

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