Thursday, April 13, 2006

Manuel Marino Brings Marino Sounds To LA

I have to share this good news with you all!
Manuel Marino is a higly gifted musical genius from Italy and I endorse his music 100%.
Manuel Marino in New York before coming to LA
April 12, 2006
Marino Sounds

Marino Sounds of Italy Featured at E3 2006.
LOS ANGELES,CA-April 12, 2006.

Marino Sounds of Italy proudly announces that its latest orchestral soundtrack will be showcased this year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

Manuel Marino, Managing Director of Marino Sounds stated “We are proud to be part of the creative effort responsible for making this epic fantasy title, Nexgen Studios’ Elven Legends”.

Nexgen Studios, a well known PC and mobile game developer, approached Marino Sounds to create a strong and moving orchestral soundtrack for Elven Legends. Alvin Yap, Managing Director of Singapore based Nexgen Studios added “It was very important that we find a musician who could address our international audience, and Manuel has made a major contribution to our newest title, we are very pleased with.” Marino Sounds’ soundtrack for the game, a tremendous piece reminiscent of “Lord of the Rings” can be experienced this May at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, at the Nexgen Studios booth in the LA Convention Center.

About Marino Sounds
Marino Sounds is the audio studio music composer, artist and producer Manuel Marino created for television, multimedia and videogames needs.

"Manuel Marino is a former artist who decided to strike out on his own after's copyright scandal in 2000. His studio, Marino Sounds, provides audio for game, television and multimedia projects at as low a rate as possible in order to actively encourage business from the indie scene. Projects such as Derek Smart's Universal Combat and the X-com inspired UFO: Alien Invasion gave Marino a certain kudos, and his current work on the Morrowind ITP (Italian Translation Project) comprises a further step towards the mainstream. "Being 'indie' is like being in a big family. I feel that other independent musicians and designers are my brothers, and that they deserve my help," he told me. He's enjoyed the game experience so much that he's planning to establish a full-time dev team." (Paul Taylor, Music4Games)

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