Thursday, September 15, 2005


(The above hot chocolate,Crystal is one of the Juggies on the "Man Show".)

It was raining this morning.
She came in and I was on the phone.
I did not turn to her. It was a very important call.
A call that could change the course of the political history of Nigeria.
I finished the discussion on phone and noticed that she was on the computer.
I thought she came to see my younger sister. Because, she is not my friend.
She lives nearby.
I was about to blog and she took over my seat and told me she wanted to chat on Yahoo Messenger with her sister in New Mexico.
"What is wrong with your own service at home?"I asked.
Every home in our RA has access to the Internet. So, nobody from within the RA comes to use the Internet in another home, except something was wrong with their own computer or connection.
"There is virus in our computer," she replied.
She is very physically appealing with a sweet name.Lovina.
And looking at her from head to toes, Lovina should be loved.
She was in a body hugging blouse with low neckline showing her cleavage with her bulging chest begging to be freed from her brassiere. And she was wearing tight fitting blue denim trousers with leather slippers.
She was tempting.

To cut a long story short.
She stayed for over five hours with me and I was just watching her to make sure of her intentions before jumping to conclusions.
She told me that she is in entertainment and one of her elder sisters is an upcoming R&B singer in Nigeria. The other one is a model in South Africa, a walking tall hot chocolate I knew as far back as 1997 when she was one of my models.

Lovina got up and said she was leaving. But she returned again and stayed for another one hour. She is coming back tomorrow to learn how to blog.

I had to control myself for all the six hours she spent by my side infront of the computer. And she went to pee once. I noticed that she was tensed and I told her.
I have good reasons for not trying to initiate my usual romantic overtures. Because, I don't know her very well. I mean It would be naive and hasty to conclude that she came to seduce me or try her luck with me. Again, something else could have made her to leave her place and decied to come and stay with me. Because, when my sister left, she still stayed for five hours preventing me from blogging.
She was restless. All she told me was she wanted to chat with her sister in New Mexico on line. And she had her cell phone with her. I did not ask her why she couldn't call her sister on phone.

I felt like taking her into the bedroom and ask her to tell me what she really wanted. Friendship or relationship. Sex on the spot or just being with me. But, I decided to behave myself. Well, she is coming again tomorrow.
The point is, if I know that I won't marry you, I will be careful before thinking of sex. I don't want to break the heart of any hot chocolate. She could be too hot to let go.

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