Friday, September 16, 2005


Please, I need your signatures in support of my campaign that RAPISTS SHOULD BE CASTRATED FOR LIFE.

Jail terms are not enough to deter other brutes from raping girls and women.
I have done an academic study on the consequences of rape on women in Nigeria. And I have had the experience of two of my trusted friends raping two of my very close girlfriends and the girls have not forgiven them till date since 1992. I am a Christian and pre-marital sex is forbidden in true Christianity. So, I was doing my best to obey God and encouraged my girlfriends to bear with me and obey God as well.
But, two of my close friends assaulted the girls, behind my back. Both girls are now grown up young women and working professionals in their late 20s. But, they are still having traumatic problems from the nightmares of their abuse.

In Nigeria, 90% of the victims of rape never report the crime to the Police and the rapists go scot free. The cases are never prosecuted. Because of the stigma of shame that the victims of rape bear in the Nigerian society. Once, suitors find out that a girl or woman was raped, they will disregard her and she could lose all the opportunities to be happily married. Because, rape is an abomination that does more harm to the victim than to the offender. All the men continue with their lives. But, their victims lives could be ruined, stigmatized and traumatized for life.

Again, why should it be that only the woman caught in Adultery is stoned or punished?
What of the man? Did she commit the adultery with a spirit that cannot be caught?
As far as I am concerned, it is the man caught in adulktery that should be stoned or punished. For stealing from another man. I have had several encounters when marrried women came to my house and wanted me to sleep with them, but I refused. And I am very proud to boast of this. I have never slept with any married girl or woman and I will never do so. And may God never let me be deceived or seduced to commit adultery.

Finally, I repeat my announcement that "RAPISTS SHOULD BE CASTRATED".
Once, they know that castration is the punishment for rape, they will be afraid to assault any girl or woman. Because, no man wants to lose his dick!


diakim Online said...

The problem is getting the lawmakers to pass such law of castration. It won't be possible in a civilised society. Anyway, the prisons walls are always waiting for them. I feel you man.

Nneka's World said...

only castrated? What about having the whole thing cut off, so next timne they see the stump it will remind them of thier evilness. HA HA HA HA, (i have a sick mind)
I have his link on my page to his webpage but it does not give any info on how to contact him and since you told me you will try and hook something up, i asked you or were you being sarcastic?

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I will try.

I can.

I have to call someone who knows him directly. But, she will not give me his number.

When, I am ready I will ask you to write anything addressed to him and I will send everything by courier to the person who will now pass it on to him.

Personally, I regard Tyrese as average in both music and acting.
Nothing special.

I have an abandoned recording career in the US since 1984. And I have never done anything since then, except in Nigeria.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Raping a girl or woman is worse than castration.

I am very serious.

I want rapists castrated for life.

Anonymous said...

Its about time society started protecting our daughters,wifes,girlfriends ect. Castrating a man is not a bad thing so lets get the balls rolling. If a man raped my girlfriend i would do it myself and be happy to do it. From a man who loves our ladies