Monday, September 12, 2005


Star actress Julia Stiles says she does not read newspapers.
Well, I don't blame her. Because, the garbage in and garbage out news in dailies these days is not different from the same thing you can hear in the pub around the corner or on the bus. I mean today's news is no longer news since the Internet took over main stream journalism.

Once CNN reports it, I blog it straight away before it comes out in print.
In fact I am faster than the New York Times.
The collapse of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine was breaking news on the CNN early Monday morning and I published it right away on UKRAINE.COM
Here is the full report on Julia Stiles below.

Stiles refuses to read newspapers

Source: World Entertainment News Network

Hollywood star JULIA STILES refuses to read daily newspapers because
she finds their content trivial.

The 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU actress prefers not to know what
journalists are writing about her private life and is astonished
people can become so obsessed with celebrity gossip.

She tells Gotham magazine, "I don't read them. It's just 'ignorance is
bliss' in that sense.

"I know when I take the subway how many people read PageSix (New York
Post's gossip column), but at the same time, it's a daily newspaper.

"It's fun fodder for a cocktail party, but those newspapers are used
to wrap fish the next day.

"It would be bad to be so obsessed and self-involved to think that
people are actually paying that much attention to you from one little
blurb on PageSix." (AS/WNWCPS/SC)

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