Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sorry No Sex Today. It is 9/11 Memorial Day

Yes. I am in a sober mood today.
Sorry no sex today.
It is 9/11 memorial day.

Then, she sat down and looked at the piece of white paper in my right hand.
I gave it to her. She gazed at it and read the words written in whispers.
"Light a Candle for me on every 9/11."
She turned and gazed at me. Eyeball to eyeball.
"Who was she?"
"He was a fellow Nigerian who was working in the Twin Towers."
She swallowed three lumps of her saliva and sat back on the sofa.
I brought out the big red candle and we lit the candle and watched the candle burn silently.

Then, I asked her.
"Don't you think that rapists should be castrated?"
She looked lost for a moment as she was wondering what the question had to do with 9/11?
Of course, it was my typical boggy-woggy question. You would think it is absurd?
"Were those suicide-bombers rapists?" She asked.
"All terrorists are rapists," I said.
She wanted to laugh. But when she saw that I was looking serious, she muffled it.
"Yes. Rapists should be castrated," she agreed and nodded affirmatively.

And keep the candle light burning in your heart.

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