Thursday, September 29, 2005


The Sexuality of FAT Women:
Coming to Terms with Your Obesity
By Victoria Van Dyke

71% of adult women living in the United States between the ages 16 and 65 are overweight. 28% are obese. And yet Americans love to have sex, a lot.

Sexuality and sexual freedom is a huge part of American culture.

But so is food, more so than any other culture, Americans also like to eat a lot. It is the perfect hedonistic society, sex and food and lots of both.

Television shows like Jerry Springer give foreigners a better idea of what the United States is really like: Fat women fighting over skinny men, adultery, incest and women who like to shake their titties at the audience.

Its no wonder we're called "infidels". Infidelity is just another word for adultery, therefore an infidel is a person who sleeps around: A slut.

I have no problem calling men sluts too.

Bill Clinton is a slut. Or maybe he was a slut. I think Hillary has him on a tight leash these days.

The fact is that most people in the United States are sluts. We cheat a lot. We sleep around a lot. If it wasn't for condoms, quite a few of us would all be dying from AIDS right now...

Look at southern parts of Africa where AIDS has struck 40% of all adults and the only reason is because they don't wear condoms down there (due to the Catholic Church forbidding them). If they had access to condoms and didn't have the church harassing them and telling them condoms is a sin, they wouldn't have the problems they have now. I am surprised that people down there haven't sued the Catholic Church for misusing its religious teachings.

AIDS in Africa and Obesity in United States... in one country people are dying... in the other country people are scarfing down Mars bars, twinkies and KFC and then fucking each other crazy.

But fat women aren't sexy.

Or at least, they certainly aren't as sexy as women who are healthy looking.

We can ignore anorexia and bulimia. Those eating disorders affect less than 2% of the adult population of women. To some people anorexia may be attractive, but it is certainly not healthy and its definitely not sexy. They look like skeletons.

As opposed to looking like the Kool-Aid man or the Michelin Tires mascot.

The Kool-Aid man is not sexy. Never will be.

And neither will be fat, overweight, obese, lard-ass people.

You may never become thin, but you could become a healthy "voluptuous" woman.

Too many women stress the value of being thin. They don't see the value in being voluptuous.

Marilyn Monroe was not thin. She was voluptuous.

The big-breasted women (like Kitten Natividad) in Russ Meyer movies with the "all natural" large breasts were all voluptuous. They were practically Amazons.

So what's wrong with looking like Marilyn Monroe or Kitten Natividad?

They were very sexy women back during their day, before magazines and the mass media became obsessed with ultra-thin supermodels.

There is less then ten women in the world who have a natural "supermodel" physique. The rest are anorexic or bulimic.

So you can't expect yourself to compete with anorexic supermodels. They aren't real. Most of what you see in such pictures has been enhanced and airbrushed using computers so that their skin looks flawless.

When in reality they have pimples, mosquitoe bites and blemishes just like the rest of us.

When an overweight woman comes to terms with their "fat sexuality" they have several choices:

#1. Lose weight in an effort to look thin, anorexic and attractive. The "Twiggy" look.
#2. Lose weight in an effort to look healthy, voluptuous and sexy. The "Marilyn Monroe" look.
#3. Embrace the weight you are and try to find a man who likes fat women. This look depends on you.
#4. Become a very obese woman and hope to find a man who likes very fat women. The "Roseanne" look.
I favour number 2. I am already in that category. I am a healthy 140 lb woman, with average size breasts. I have hips and I know how to use them.

I don't need to be thin and anorexic.

But I don't want to be overweight or obese either.

I want to maintain my nice "Marilyn Monroe with black hair" look. I look "fucking sexy" and thats the way I want to stay.

And I think other women should aim for this standard too. Marilyn Monroe set a realistic standard. She looked like a regular woman, mind you she was a petite 5'2".

The real trick about Marilyn Monroe is that she was GLAMOROUS.

She dressed to kill.

She knew what her best assets were and she used that in her clothes, combined with her hair style to create an interesting and sexy look that became an instant classic.

Of course, not all of us have a face like Marilyn Monroe. So the question you have to ask yourself is: What actress or singer do you think you look like (preferably one with a healthy physique) and make that YOUR standard when it comes to losing weight.

Don't blame god or genes. God did not intend for you to be fat. Neither does your genes. Your genes expect you to be a healthy, average weight based upon a reasonably consumption of food. Snacking on potato chips, gurgling sugar-water like Coca-Cola and gorging yourself on twinkies and chocolate is what makes you obese or overweight. Those foods are not natural.

A little chocolate now and then is not going to hurt you, but don't over do it.

Fat, greasy, salty, sugary foods are not natural. Fast foods and junk foods are the #1 cause of obesity in North America. Lack of exercise is the #2 reason. Eating disorders are #3. Genes isn't even on the list.

So whats it going to be? Size Medium, or size XXL?

And how much sex do you want? A lot, average, or very little because you can't move your fat ass?


QLC said...

Americans just live lives of excess in general.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

You have said it all.
Americans are pampered and becoming fat is part of their indulgences in the pursuits of happiness. And they call it liberty.

Nneka's World said...

You are killing me with your articles! Lol, nice one.
Yes there is a difference with being fat and voluptous(i cant spell)Americans, are excessive by nature, that is the only country where you can find XXXXL. In the UK, if you reach that size, by the time you no find clothes to fit you, you dont need anyone to tell you that you should loose weight.

I prefer curves, cause as the lady said in her article, it makes you feel sexier!

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