Saturday, October 15, 2005

Are these Dogs or Hyenas?

I read a story with these funny pictures from Lagos, Nigeria. But, the Western reporter who reported the funny news was either ignorant or retarded. Because, he said these pictures showed Nigerians walking their dogs on the street in a Nigerian city. Of course, the funny news was meant to ridicule Nigerians in the eyes of the millions of Americans and Europeans on line who are very gullible and will believe all the white lies on Africa and Africans, because they are very ignorant and have never travelled to Africa to see the real ways of life in Africa.

Even a seven year old kid would be able to notice the chimp crawling among the hyenas.

I am here in Africa blogging from my study without any interruption of regular power supply, regular water and cool air. The exotic private Finima beach and nature park are not far away. There is an awesome golf course and we also have heliport and air strip here on Bonny Island. And I am well fed 24/7. There are more than enough exotic chocolate African beauties all around me. One of them from the University of Calabar just left my place about three hours ago swaying her J-LO buttocks in blue denim jacket and pants and wearing designer slippers. Sexy babe.

The truth is these pictures are showing Nigerian Hausa street jesters with tamed hyenas to thrill their audience.

We have tamed hyenas used for entertainment on the streets of Nigeria.
Only an ignorant moron will mistake hyenas for dogs.


Felix Adebayo said...

I think the myopic Western reporter who reported hyenas as dogs should have asked his brothers and sisters who live in Nigeria here to explain to him what he doesn't understand. But then, since he is looking for sensational news, he will report what catches his fancy.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

We are going to continue to address the deliberate ignorance of the Western Press so that their people will know the truth.
Enough white lies.