Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jane Doe Sent Me A Letter

I receive a lot of American spam e-mails and also a lot of Nigerian scam e-mails. They are all offering to make you get rich quick.

I want us to begin a competition of who has the funniest Nigerian Internet Scam e-mails. I think I do. I have one e-mail sent with a picture of the woman who told me that she was from Kuwait and had a rich husband who died and she inherited his fortune. But now, she was bed ridden and dying and wanted to leave me as the sole beneficiary of her hundreds of millions of dollars and she told me how she was born again and saved at a Christian crusade.She was going to have a surgery and she was not sure if she would survive. Then, later she died.And her confidant e-mailed that she was dead. So, I begged to be allowed to see her buried. And no reply came. These my country people. They would even dare to "419" God.

As I was saying.
I just received this funny advert from a Jane Doe.
In case, you have forgotten, Jane Doe is the twin sister of John Doe.

Hi Michael,
Tired of the 9 to 5 daily work grind?
Why not start your own biz.....
huts in middle of field habitat gunder menriding
snow little sunny regulator in tank onqinn rank salmon in pot steaming poo pilefreash air from the south cleans the yards.
yard dart in grass blue sky airplane jet
stream music steak on barbaque john walldrops in
moving to texas apartment hangingclothes on dryer
washer soap cleaning garment.

Ad FromEig-hty-Fi-v-eTh-irtyO-neCrownCres-centCtCharlotte

I wonder what Techwench would conclude after reading this e-mail from a bona fide American lady who should understand English more than an African?
Techwench also complained of too much script on BoggyWoggy and Alex of would be disappointed if I stopped discussing their funny craps here.
I mean the world if full of craps and the scraps are the stuff our comics and jokes are made of.

Last poster.
Which is better?
American English or British English?
Or English English?

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