Monday, October 10, 2005

Jessica Biel:The Sexiest Woman Alive!

NEW YORK - Esquire magazine has named Jessica Biel the Sexiest Woman Alive.
That's the news according to Esquire. But that is not the news according to BoggyWoggy. Because, BoggyWoggy does not agree. As they say seeing is believing.
Until Jessica Biel comes to visit me and prove that to me, I will not agree that she is the sexiest woman alive. She has to convince me and then I can agree with Esquire. Well, read the rest of the report below and my own conclusions.

Esquire says Biel is an “underground icon to the generation of men who are coming of age now.” Esquire’s editor in chief says Biel is “talented and about to burst onto the scene.” She’s in the movie “Elizabethtown” that comes out October 14.

The magazine also picked the hottest women of their generation. Gong Li represents the 30-somethings, Sharon Stone the 40-somethings and Rene Russo the 50-somethings.

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There they go again, the celebrity news mongers of America naming their commercial product Sexy Jessica Biel as the Sexiest Woman Alive.
Do you know why?
To hype her leading role in the forthcoming film "Elizabethtown" to lure millions of sex-crazy Americans, Europeans and other millions around the world to go and see the sexiest woman alive in the world, because seeing is believing. It is all arranged by the kingpins of Hollywood and their sponsored press to market the movie.

Yes, Jessica is sexy. But, I don't agree that she is the sexiest woman alive. Because, my black and beautiful sexy Linda Ikeji the highest paid model in Nigeria is the sexiest woman alive to me.And I know that there are millions of guys out there who can boast of girlfriends that can make Jessica Biel look humble.
Personally, I think Jessica Simpson is sexier than Jessica Biel.

Please, do you agree that Jessica Biel is the Sexiest Woman Alive? Or you know who can challenge that claim?

Nominate your own Sexiest Woman Alive.


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Nneka's World said...

I dont really think so, there are sexier women out there. Hope you had a nice weekend

Atomic Bombshell said...

Never really thought she was "all that" but she does have a certain sporty, low-maintenance vibe that I know guys like.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Yeah Atomic,
But, all the sexiest woman alive label is all hype and marketing gimmick.