Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Inside Ukrainian woman's penitentiary

It is hard to be imagined by ordinary person who never knew what woman’s penitentiary is. It is a “staff” consisting of over thousand uneven-aged women-criminals. There are filicides, thieves, drug-addicts and other professionals among them.
Lots of years are spent for expiation of the sins committed “at liberty.” They give birth to a child, they become mothers.

Even in this hell, woman wants to be clear and beautiful.

I love Ukraine and Ukrainians and millions of them love me. I have been celebrating the Orange Revolution and when President Viktor Yushchenko dismissed the office of the beautiful and wonderful Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, I was disappointed. But, as my fairy Lady said that the Orange Revolution is still in evolution, I am still the number one foreign champion of her populist ideals and I will support her all the way until she becomes the President of Ukraine one fine day. Amen.

The way women are being treated in prisons in Ukraine as you can see from the pictures (if you follow the link)is inhuman and I want to protest against the maltreatment of women in Ukraine, whether in prison or outside the prison.

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