Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Sensation of Temptation

Now look at the picture of Brandy and tell me if she does not tickle your fancy.
Brandy is as intoxicating as Brandy. She is a Korean-American and if you want to read the full interview with Brandy, ask for it.

Yesterday, I was in Church as usual. And there she was.No. Not Brandy. Another pretty and sexy babe.This leggy Nigerian beauty. She is young and pretty and has the finest pair of legs I have seen. She has the perfect physique for a model. And without any doubt, a temptation as I regarded her from head to toes. I know her and her family. We live in the same Nigeria LNG RA. Her uncle and aunt know me very well. And I have been to their house for house fellowship once or twice. But, I deliberately ignored her. But, yesterday, she sat close to me. So, I had to pray against the temptation of her attraction. And thank God that the minister who preached was anointed and preached very well. I forgot all about her for some minutes. But, when we went to give our offerings and I was returning to my seat, she looked up at me. The come hither look. I averted my eyes and ignored her. Then, when the service ended, I left immediately for the nearest bus stop. My sister and other members of my family left earlier with the private bus that always takes us to church and returns to take us back home. So, I was going to take a public transport bus or "Okada" motorbike when the temptation returned with direct confrontation. Her uncle and family were returning home in their official Nigeria LNG Jeep when they saw me and stopped to carry me.There was no where else to sit, except beside her. And there welcoming me were those finest pair of legs I have seen from her feet to the laps as she sat down in her knee-length gown. She shly tried to stretch the gown to cover her exposed laps and I averted my eyes. She was tensed as we sat up close shoulder to shoulder. She was very warm until they dropped me near our residence.I felt the sensation until I entered into the house. And since yesterday, I have been thinking of her.

She is pretty and sexy. And only God can save me from going out with her.


Franco said...

thanks for requesting a free logo, I would be glad to do it. Please add a link to to your website and let me know when you have done so and I'll get to work on it.

R. Edmondson said...

Cupid at work here!:) Women what a wonderful gift from God - what would we do without them?!! I love them all and it doesn't matter their language, color or race.

You can go out with her as long as you think with the right head - not the one in the pants :)

Take care now and happy dreams!:)

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I am honoured.

I have already saved the link to your site since yesterday.

It would be a miracle to date this young lady without sleeping with her. So, I have decided to let her be.

I was called the lion before I left for the Island here.
And I was actually a lion before 1999.

Felix Adebayo said...

Now this is not funny. This is a real naked temptation. Brother, you need to pray less you are lured into the lap of the scarlet daughter of Eve.