Thursday, January 12, 2006

345 Pilgrims Killed Themselves In Stampede At The Hajj In Saudi Arabia.

The evacuation of the dead pilgrims.

Last year hundreds of pilgrims died at the same spot whilst stoning the devil and running away in fear and panic. And again this year over 340 pilgrims have been killed whilst stoning the devil. So the devil has not died since all these centuries that Muslims have been stoning him and he ends up killing hundreds of these stupid fools every year, because they never learn.

They died in a stampede?
Oh,oh! They trampled and crushed their fellow Muslims to death as they rushed to escape from the wrath of the devil who wanted to retaliate for all the stones they have been throwing at him all these centuries?

Why should peace loving people as Muslims claim crush themselves to death in a stampede?

The hypocrisy of their heresy is even very clear to morons.

I still feel sorry for the poor fools.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess there must be some truth that that old saying that those on mass Hajjes shouldn't throw stones.

so-obscure said...

You could cause a religious war with this harsh words of yours. The muslims don't see the way you are looking at it...

Next year, the devil will still be 'stoned'... lets see what will happen.

You can make your point with more subtle words next time please.

Kaunda said...

My reaction isn't quite like so-obscure's but fairly close. I think "stampede" doesn't quite describe how these tragice events happen.

In large groups of people the people in the rear don't know and can't see what's happening further up the line. So more people in the rear move forward. When there is a bottle-neck or a check point at some point in the line the movement slows as people negotiate through it.

The problem is that there is no way to communicate to the people at the other end to "stop! don't move forward." It's like an auto accident at a very slow speed.

This is very tragic, but has nothing whatever to do with the religion of the people (other than the obvious fact they were on a religious pilgramage). Crushing in crowds happens in many different contexts and places.

This is not the people in the crowd's fault but a problem of the facilities and planning.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The truth is bitter when it hurts us. But it better than flatteries and lies that will do us more harm than good.

Hundreds of people have died, because they have been misled to believe that salvation lies in doing or going to one particular place. The same thing with the Christian pilgrims who go to Jerusalem too to deceive themselves.

One day, both Mecca and Jerusalem will be totally destroyed with the rest of the world. Then, those who have been misled would realize that their salvation does not lie in a religion or a location, but in Believing in One God and loving ourselves without cheating, stealing, robbing or killing ourselves in senseless and useless wars over religions and perishable wordly possessions.


To believe in one God who created all things and to live and love one another and work together to make our earth a better and safer place for us and our posterity. Finis.

Felix Adebayo said...

Spiritual battles are better fought with spiritual weapons and not arms of the flesh.