Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blog Explosion:The Largest Bloggers Community On The Internet

Blog Explosion is the largest bloggers community in the blogosphere.

There are over 33,000 bloggers on Blog Explosion with about 20,282,099 visits recorded so far. And the visits are from both bloggers and non-bloggers.

I have four active blogs on Blog Explosion and I am happy with the patronage since I joined last Summer. I have over 100,000 references on my blogs with my precious Kisses & Roses leading on Technorati with Rank: 48,963 (67 links from 44 sites) and the flagship of current affairs news and politics blogs in the Nigerian blogosphere,Nigerian Times with Rank: 61,425 (90 links from 37 sites) within only eight months of blogging as a novice in Nigeria. And remember I have not paid for any advert.

Most web site traffic managers are still not good enough as at present. Because I have some thousands of credits on a couple of sites. And these sites boasted of 126 hits per hour. And 50,000 visits per month. But, one of my referrals paid over $200 for 500,000 credits and we are still waiting for the 126 hits per hour. And some traffic sites will show you one site 30 times on their rotation of 1,000 sites. The same sites with the same posts for weeks. Very boggywoggy traffic sites.

Tomorrow, I will feature the God sent sponsors of all my 12 active blogs.

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