Tuesday, January 17, 2006

SEX IS A NIGGA'S GAME: Sharon Stone Wants Rick Fox Badly

BEIJING, Jan. 17 -- Sharon Stone is in love again — with retired NBA Los Angeles Lakers basketball star Rick Fox.

That is the news. But let me put it the right way.
Sharon Stone wants a macho hot black rod to do collateral damage to her private parts.

Rick rhymes with dick and prick
Fox rhymes with sex.
And sexy Sharon Stone wants both.

The fantasy of many of the white sex kittens and sex cats in America is to be screwed mercilessly by macho black guys. Especially the Basketball and Football players.

Have you read "Sex is a Nigger's Game" written by one black gigolo from my country when he was in the UK? Where a top white Lord paid a young black man to sleep with his nymphomaniac wife before his very eyes.

Sharon Stone looks like a woman that you must be a sex machine to keep her going.
After Ricky, who is next? BoggyWoggy?
Sharon Stone needs a real marathon boogiewoogie and only BoggyWoggy can satisfy her.
I am waiting in the wings. Because, sex is more than basketball or football.
If Ricky boy flops on top of Mama Sharon Stone, she can just wolf-whistle and I will come over with more than ordinary basic instinct.To fulfil her wildest dreams.


Adaure said...

shooo... i want him too. Who no like better?

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

You can go for him since you are near his base in the US.

But jokes apart, I go the extra mile beyond ricky boy.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
I read that book, "Sex is a nigger's game", while working and living in London, 10 years ago, and I must say, this book was one of the best books I read in my life.
It was written in a beautiful litterary language, with an open heart, and I'm very proud it is an african fellow who wrote it. I recommend the author and that book...you see one of his books somewhere, just grab them!
Cheers! DF

Not sure, but if I remember correctly the author is from Nigeria?

Anonymous said...


Sharon needs a big man. Big would be a 8 1/4 inch rod X 41mm thick (for extra pleas-ure). Unfortunately, studies have proved that only 1-2% of the adult male population have a dinger that's 8"long.The odds are really long against finding Mr. Right amongst 10 million residents of SoCAL. So, good luck in your quest.

Keep on wishing ( I'm only 30 miles away from Beverly Hills too) Bet you can not find me.